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Vitamin D momentum.

In 2008, vitamin D deficiency increasingly became an urgent health topic across America. Recently, USA Today called the deficiency" an epidemic that's starting to gain the notice of pediatricians and bone doctors across the country." This past summer, the American Medical Association, the nation's largest physician organization, called on the Food and Drug Administration to re-examine the current Daily Reference Intake Value for vitamin D. When the U.S. Pediatricians Group recommended children receive double the amount of the vitamin, it became a national headline in media outlets across the country from the Washington Post t ABC's Good Morning America program.


Throughout the year, the Mushroom Council promoted to media the funded research on the natural vitamin D found in White button mushrooms. It's because of this research that mushrooms have made an appearance in vitamin D stories. In fact, vitamin D has been the number one key message communicated in all proactive media efforts to date in 2008. There were 811 media features highlighting mushrooms and vitamin D, which accounts for two-thirds of all the Mushroom Council placements.


Mushroom's vitamin D availability was featured in Family Circle, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, and nutrition publications, such as Health & Medicine Week. The Mushroom Council also extended vitamin D education to the Hispanic community with a bilingual spokeswoman who educated the populations through Hispanic TV, radio and newspapers. As the Council continues to learn more about mushrooms' vitamin D availability, it will strengthen mushrooms' position to serve as a solid solution for the vitamin D deficiency dilemma. Mushrooms' vitamin D messaging will be woven throughout all programming in 2009.
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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