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Vitamin C and the elixir of life.

Scientific evidence attributes a major role to ascorbic acid in the development of life on the planet Earth. Ascorbic acid is produced in large amounts in both simple and complex plants and is closely related to glucose (blood sugar in humans and animals). Glucose, like ascorbic acid, occurs in living organisms, providing a prime source of energy.

The human species, however, lost is ability to produce ascorbic acid sometime in its early development. (Most primates and the guinea pig are further examples of having this deficiency. They, too, must find ascorbic acid outside of their bodies for survival.)

Irwin Stone, author of The Healing Factor, has surmised that humans lost their ability to generate ascorbic acid, (1) either because of a defective gene and were destined for extinction since neither plant nor animal can live without it, or, (2) because, the body's striving for economy made the vitamin's "inner factory" unnecessary, since humans lived in a veritable "Garden of Eden," where they thrived on an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Only later, when our ancestors moved from "paradise" to the sober reality of civilized life, did they encounter the health problems of Vitamin C deficiency.

Almost all animals, other than humans, manufacture vitamin C in the liver. The abundance of vitamin C, when needed, provides protection against stress and adverse biochemical effects. A rat, for example, can produce 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day, according to some estimates, Scurvy is unknown among most mammals.

Animals live under the most stressful conditions facing living creatures, especially in the wild, where they are constantly confronted with the probability of being eaten by prey. Their almost unlimited amount of ascorbic acid has give them enormous powers of survival. Humans can obtain this power only from food or supplements.

A study of ancient burial grounds and evidence of remains reveals that Stone Age man, for example, lived under very stressful conditions. Exhumed bones reveal that people suffered from many diseases and nutritional deficiencies. Their food supply containing vitamin C had diminished.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1992
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