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Vitamin C: A Universal Antidote.

Vitamin C: A Universal Antidote

review by Owen R. Fonorow

Vitamin C Foundation (

Primal Panacea, by Thomas E. Levy,

MD, JD Medfox Publishing;

[c]2011 $29.95; 350 pp.

Dr. Thomas Levy's Primal Panacea is arguably the best book ever written about vitamin C. Levy has again accomplished the nearly impossible. Many books have been written revealing what vitamin C does, including several important books by Dr. Levy. Primal Panacea is the first book that explains how vitamin C does all that it does. Levy's theory explains how and why one substance can be a global antidote for all toxins and virtually all pathogens, and why and how it can selectively kill cancer cells while protecting healthy nonmalignant cells. Levy's new vitamin C theory explains why the dosage of vitamin C that is administered to patients is so important, and why more vitamin C is almost always better. And Levy explains all this in only two paragraphs. An elegance rarely matched in the history of science.

Levy's vitamin C theory is so simple that it should not matter whether the reader is uneducated or highly educated. Everyone and anyone can understand it. Once vitamin C's simple method of action is understood, all of vitamin C properties become more readily acceptable to the reader, and I believe that they will become more acceptable to the medical profession. The great potential of this book is that by itself it can fill the great void in the vitamin C knowledge that most medical doctors lack. It and its many references contain everything of importance that a medical doctor needs to know about vitamin C. I predict that medical doctors who read Primal Panacea will begin to give high-dose intravenous vitamin C to their very ill patients, especially when there are no other options. However, this will be difficult because, as Dr. Levy points out on page 124, up until now, high-dose vitamin C has never been used in a hospital setting in the US. (Unfortunately, I can verify the veracity of this unbelievable claim. I was recently hospitalized for an undiagnosed ailment and my doctors agreed to my request for a 100 g intravenous vitamin C infusion. However, even with my doctor's order, I could not be given the infusion because of the process required by the hospital pharmacy/formulary before any new drug can be given intravenously.) Hopefully, this book will begin the change necessary to make vitamin C freely available for intravenous use in every hospital in the world.

Primal Panacea is the result of a decade of research by Levy. Each chapter in Primal Panacea is a condensed overview of some other entire Levy book on vitamin C. Levy's other books are available for those interested in drilling down for more information and references. For example, if you are interested in infectious diseases, Levy spent four years researching his earlier book Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist, and if your interest happens to be vitamin C and heart disease, much more information is contained in his more recent book 5top America's #1 Killer.

My recommendation is to read Primal Panacea from cover to cover and iearn how one molecule can be a universal antidote. How it can stop toxins and fight infection, stop cancer and heart disease. You will want your family, your friends, and even your medical doctor to have a copy.
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Author:Fonorow, Owen R.
Publication:Townsend Letter
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2012
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