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VitaGen sponsoring air ambulance shuttle to patients with acute liver failure in artificial liver clinical trial.

VitaGen, Inc., La Jolla, CA, announced on June 7 that it will sponsor an air ambulance shuttle to transport Fulminant Hepatic Failure (FHF) patients for enrollment into an ongoing clinical trial using the ELAD Artificial Liver at the University of Chicago Hospitals. The ELAD Artificial Liver is an extracorporeal liver assist device designed to provide temporary hepatic replacement therapy for patients with FHF until their own liver can regenerate or sustain patients until a suitable organ becomes available.

The company says the ELAD Artificial Liver is the first investigational device to use human liver cells instead of porcine cells and is designed for continuous therapy for up to 10 days. Referring physicians should contact VitaGen for more information on patient enrollment into the clinical trial.

VitaGen initiated the second clinical trial to evaluate the safety of its ELAD Artificial Liver at the University of Chicago Hospitals in February.

Contact: Carol Conlin, RN - (619) 552-1522
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Comment:VitaGen sponsoring air ambulance shuttle to patients with acute liver failure in artificial liver clinical trial.
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Date:Jun 14, 1999
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