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Sigenics, Inc. Receives $1M NIH Grant to Engineer Technology for Visual Prosthesis System. May 2, 2017 492
Melissa and Doug Primary Lacing Beads. Mar 1, 2017 104
Perception of refs' eyesight may alter. Nov 1, 2016 279
PEPE: Personal Perception. Oct 14, 2016 424
VIPERCON: Emulating visual perception of contrast for image capture, post-production and synthesis. Oct 12, 2016 390
Coo.. pigeons can spot up to 60 words. Sep 20, 2016 131
Study Shows Brain Training With LearningRx Improved IQ Scores by 21 Points, Strengthened Cognitive Skills in Students. Aug 3, 2016 1145
Twitter acquires artificial intelligence startup. Jun 21, 2016 216
Meet The Winners Of The 2nd Annual New York City "10 Under 20: Young Innovators to Watch" Awards. Jun 20, 2016 1658
Provisin Of Audio-Visual Processing Services. Jun 13, 2016 101
Bifocals in the Brain. Jun 11, 2016 757
Hands-free phones 'just as risky'. Jun 8, 2016 127
Processing pathways. Strong, Samantha Jun 1, 2016 516
Leaks Point to Two 2016 Moto X Phones with Modular Add-Ons. May 11, 2016 891
India's Largest Online Brain Skill Contest 'The Super Brain Challenge' Successfully Hosted by Edsix Brain Lab. Apr 27, 2016 856
India's Largest Online Brain Skill Contest 'The Super Brain Challenge' Successfully Hosted by Edsix Brain Lab. Apr 27, 2016 861
Learning name-object relations after a single exclusion trial in 18- to 48-month-old children. Schmidt, Andreia; Franco, Mariana Guedes de Oliveira; Loterio, Lucas dos Santos; Gomes, Geovana Figu Report Mar 1, 2016 9188
Infographics boost health communication. Krisberg, Kim Mar 1, 2016 207
Connecticut Vision Therapy Practice Makes Headway on Concussion Issue Among Young Athletes. Jan 4, 2016 844
Blind to race relations. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 289
GlassesOff's New Dynamic Game-Like Technology Shows Significant Improvement in Visual Parameters Critical for Sport Performance. Oct 9, 2015 770
switchBoard: In the eye of the observer: Visual processing at the heart of the retina. Aug 28, 2015 479
OptoVision: Optogenetic investigation of cortical layer-6 neuron contributions to dynamic visual perception. Jul 9, 2015 363
Visual processing pathway: from retina to cortex. Strong, Samantha; McKeefry, Declan Report Jun 27, 2015 3410
SEEING FROM CONTEXT: The neural basis of visual interaction between scenes and objects. Jun 26, 2015 372
The Power of the Pepper: University of Georgia Researchers Link a Specific Nutrient Found in Paprika to Improved Visual Processing Speed, Reaction Time. Jun 12, 2015 847
VISION AND DECISION: Decision-Making from Visual Cortex to Midbrain. May 11, 2015 373
Eye Exam. Bellows, Nathaniel Poem May 1, 2015 572
Two Men Seen from the Back, Standing on a Brick Roadway Beneath a Bridge. Robinson, Elizabeth Poem May 1, 2015 173
Video Gamers May Learn Visual Tasks More Quickly. Apr 5, 2015 972
Jorin and Perle Join Forces to Reduce Oil Pollution in the Water Supply. Mar 19, 2015 373
Describing the unseen: the visceral and virtual construction of spaces in Bleak House. Warhol, Robyn Critical essay Dec 22, 2014 7031
New study shows 40% improvement in visual processing speed in young subjects with 20/20 vision, following use of a new technology by GlassesOff, potentially offering superior athletic performance in sports requiring swift reaction time. Dec 1, 2014 1001
Interactions between equivalence relations and the development of analytic units. Vaidya, Manish; Brackney, Ryan J. Report Dec 1, 2014 6961
Abstracts of presented papers from the Parapsychological Association 57th Annual Convention, Concord, California, USA, August 14-17, 2014. Sep 22, 2014 16488
Study on the optimization of VMS location base on drivers' guidance compliance behaviors. Zhong, Shiquan; Zhou, Lizhen; Ma, Shoufeng; Wang, Xuelian; Jia, Ning Jun 1, 2014 8293
Eyes offer a glimpse into evolution. Brief article Mar 22, 2014 106
Brain: Dedicated Info Highway for Self-Awareness. Mar 14, 2014 738
The effect of colors of sunglasses on the visual performance. Monireh, Mahjoob; Hamed, Momeni-Moghaddam; Marziyeh, Salehi Fadari Report Feb 14, 2014 2648
The influence of cognitive trust and familiarity on adoption and continued use of smartphones: an empirical analysis. Idemudia, Efosa C.; Raisinghani, Mahesh S. Report Feb 1, 2014 9719
Normal and impaired face perception: implications for the optometrist. Logan, Andrew J.; Gordon, Gael E.; Loffler, Gunter Jan 31, 2014 2992
Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association is formed. Jan 1, 2014 139
Visual processing on graphics task: the case of a street map. Logan, Tracy; Lowrie, Tom Dec 22, 2013 2612
P.L. Thomas Launches New Ingredient Supporting Faster Learning, Enhanced Memory and Improved Mental Performance. Clinical report Oct 28, 2013 900
Infants perceive world around them: neural responses linked to visual awareness by 5 months. Bower, Bruce Jun 1, 2013 404
Outlier highlighting for spatio-temporal data visualization. Pyysalo, Ulla; Oksanen, Juha Report Jun 1, 2013 4105
United Kingdom - Personal Perception. Apr 1, 2013 316
Tutorial: Rationale, Concepts, and techniques for lighting vertical surfaces. Schielke, Thomas Report Apr 1, 2013 4802
Using forced choice discrimination to measure the perceptual response to light of different characteristics. Fotios, Steve A.; Houser, Kevin W. Report Apr 1, 2013 7251
France : Retinal mechanisms of circadian photoreception. Feb 8, 2013 130
Visual perception; an introduction, 3d ed. Book review Feb 1, 2013 124
Germany : Perceptual Representation of Illumination, Shape and Material. Jan 18, 2013 327
The impact of a sports vision training program in Youth field hockey players. Schwab, Sebastian; Memmert, Daniel Report Dec 1, 2012 6160
Blue light in car 'as good as coffee at keeping you alert behind the wheel'. Nov 27, 2012 471
Color homogeneity and visual perception of age, health, and attractiveness of female facial skin. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 172
Virtual Piggy Partners with Smart/Tangoes USA. Oct 22, 2012 691
Spatial brightness perception of trichromatic stimuli. Royer, Michael P.; Houser, Kevin W. Report Oct 1, 2012 8789
The effect of seasonal change of plants compositions on visual perception/sezoninio augalijos sudeties pokycio itaka vizualiam suvokimui. Eroglu, Engin; Muderrisoglu, Haldun; Kesim, Guniz Akinci Report Sep 1, 2012 7085
A simplified method of identifying the trained retinal locus for training in eccentric viewing. Vukicevic, Meri; Le, Anh; Baglin, James Clinical report Sep 1, 2012 3213
Superfish, Inc. Announces Latest Visual Search Developments. Company overview Jul 17, 2012 615
Superfish, Inc. Announces Latest Visual Search Developments. Jul 11, 2012 769
Identifying raised-line drawings by touch: a hard but not impossible task. Picard, Delphine; Lebaz, Samuel Report Jul 1, 2012 2878
Blast exposure and dual sensory impairment: an evidence review and integrated rehabilitation approach. Saunders, Gabrielle H.; Echt, Katharina V. Report Jul 1, 2012 11404
Stone Age artists 'may have been pioneers of modern day cinema'. Jun 10, 2012 516
Preface. Bareviciute, Jovile Jun 1, 2012 847
Pictures of me: possibilities of shaping our body image through virtual reality/ Mano portretai: kuno atvaizdu apiforminimo galimybes virtualiojoje realybeje. Wozniak, Mateusz Report Jun 1, 2012 4418
Subjective visual vertical perception and sense of smell in Parkinson disease. Khattab, Ahmed; Docherty, Sharon; Bagust, Jeff; Willington, Robert; Thomas, Peter; Amar, Khaled Report Jun 1, 2012 5232
Brain process that guide our choices revealed. May 24, 2012 448
Carnegie Mellon Brain Research Shows Visual Perception System Unconsciously Affects Our Preferences. May 23, 2012 1214
Purdue Researcher Helps Robots 'See' in 3-D Like Humans. May 2, 2012 644
Aspects of birth history and outcome in diplegics attending specialised educational facilities. Bischof, Faith; Rothberg, Alan; Ratcliffe, Ingrid Report May 1, 2012 2967
Comparing judgments of visual clarity and spatial brightness through an analysis of studies using the category rating procedure. Fotios, Steve; Atli, Deniz Report Apr 1, 2012 8562
Researchers Announce Breakthrough Development in Audio Technology Allows Sound Waves to Carry Two Distinct Audio Signals. Mar 30, 2012 538
Drawing the line: retired member TN Davies MSc CEng MIMechE MIED MRAeS gives an account of his research work into possible cross-cultural differences in visual perception. Mar 1, 2012 1587
Precision-Tinted Lenses Offer Real Migraine Relief. Feb 19, 2012 608
Vycor Medical, Inc. Acquires Sight Science Limited, a Highly Complementary Business for NovaVision. Jan 10, 2012 1856
A study of the visual physical characteristics and psychological images of select Taiwanese hardwoods. Chen, Tien-li Jan 1, 2012 6074
How the eyes and brain make sense of what we see. Dec 3, 2011 425
Conceptualization of visual representation in urban planning/Vizualiosios reprezentacijos miesto planavime konceptualizavimas. Paklone, Ilze Report Dec 1, 2011 5083
Scientists' Idea Helps Explain 'What and Where' People See. Nov 29, 2011 424
It knows what you're watching: brain-scan method can re-create what viewer sees. Sanders, Laura Nov 19, 2011 511
Brain's 'visual dictionary' enables skilled readers recognize words quickly. Nov 15, 2011 254
It's official: attention, awareness fundamentally different processes. Nov 11, 2011 253
When one face looks like a crowd: multiple photos of a stranger's mug ID'd as different people. Bower, Bruce Oct 22, 2011 316
The discriminative validity of three visual perception tests. Brown, T.; Elliott, S.; Bourne, R.; Sutton, E.; Wigg, S.; Morgan, D.; Glass, S.; Lalor, A. Report Sep 1, 2011 6927
IBC Seeks Out Visual Perception for 2011 Conference Award. Conference news Aug 31, 2011 732
IBC Seeks Out Visual Perception for 2011 Conference Award. Conference news Aug 31, 2011 730
Long winters mean big brains for northerners. Jul 27, 2011 466
A fresh look at visual processes. Bohm, Immo Jun 17, 2011 703
Tinted lenses 'can cut pain for migraine sufferers'. May 26, 2011 383
Strobe-like eyewear training may 'enhance vision and attention'. May 20, 2011 285
Making visual learning possible without training or practice. May 12, 2011 277
Research and Markets: Design Drawing, 2nd Edition. May 10, 2011 427
Driving assessment results in patients with a diagnosis of dementia. Neitch, Shirley M.; Madero, Guillermo; Maynard, Shawn May 1, 2011 2683
Investigation of multilayered packages resistance to free fall on the solid surface/Daugiasluoksniu pakuociu atsparumo kritimui ant kieto pavirsiaus tyrimas. Gegeckiene, L.; Kibirkstis, E.; Miliunas, V.; Volkovas, V. Report Mar 1, 2011 3215
The eyes have it: human perception and anthropomorphic faces in world rock art. Watson, Ben Report Mar 1, 2011 5430
Optometric management of Alzhiemer's and Parkinson's diseases. Shayler, Geoff Report Feb 25, 2011 2283
SmartDraw Software Announces Revolutionary Visual Process Management (VPM) Solution. Feb 15, 2011 569
Visual features of Parkinson's disease: ageing vision part 2 course code: C- 15421 O. Shayler, Geoff Report Jan 28, 2011 2482
Subjective perception of visual distortions or scotomas in individuals with retinitis pigmentosa. Wittich, Walter; Watanabe, Donald H.; Kapusta, Michael A.; Overbury, Olga Report Jan 1, 2011 2757
Analyzing cognitive conceptualizations using interactive visual environments. Klippel, Alexander; Weaver, Chris; Robinson, Anthony C. Report Jan 1, 2011 7914
Affordances of form in stanzaic narrative poetry/"Affordances" (Die bevoegdhede) van vorms in strofiese narratiewe poesie. McHale, B. Report Dec 1, 2010 4267
The Mind's Eye. Seppa, Nathan Book review Nov 20, 2010 300
Case of the blind leading the sighted; exhibition w: A exhibition of images taken by people with visual impairments opens today. Laura Davis reports. Nov 12, 2010 308
Visual processing abnormal in schizophrenia. Helwick, Caroline Nov 1, 2010 514
A survey of parents of children with cortical or cerebral visual impairment. Jackel, Bernadette; Wilson, Michelle; Hartmann, Elizabeth Report Oct 1, 2010 3824
Cerebral Visual Impairment in children: a longitudinal case study of functional outcomes beyond the visual acuities. Lam, Fook Chang; Lovett, Fiona; Dutton, Gordon N. Report Oct 1, 2010 5256
New Charlotte Brain Training and Speech Therapy Center Helps Clients With ADHD, Autism, Reading and Math Difficulties and More. Sep 22, 2010 454
New neurological deficit behind lazy eye identified. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 16, 2010 247
New neurological deficit behind lazy eye identified. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 11, 2010 247
Researchers Identify New Neurological Deficit behind Lazy Eye. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 11, 2010 408
Face/facade: the visual and the ethical/Veidas ir fasadas: vizualumo ir etiskumo aspektai. Kalaga, Wojciech Report Sep 1, 2010 4597
About the issue o the urban composition concept/Miesto kompozicijos sampratos klausimu. Grunskis, Tomas Report Sep 1, 2010 3782
Extraocular muscles: anatomy and clinical investigation. Finlay, Alison Jul 2, 2010 6060
Afraid of its own fishy reflection. Ornes, Stephen May 26, 2010 594
Theorizing Typography: Printing, Page Design, and the Study of Free Verse. Johnston, Carol Ann Critical essay May 1, 2010 3275
Our visual persuasion gap. Gurri, Martin; Denny, Craig; Harms, Aaron Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 3828
Common entoptic phenomena and their clinical significance. Voke, Janet Jan 29, 2010 2947
The (kids') eyes have it. Ornes, Stephen Dec 9, 2009 749
Brain scans reveal all. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 189
What do you see? Emotion may help the visual system jump the gun to predict what the brain will see. Lee, Jenny Lauren Aug 29, 2009 2804
An analysis of the effect of roadway design on driver's workload/Kelio geometriniu parametru itakos vairuotojo protiniam darbui analize/Cela projekta ietekmes analize uz transportlidzekla vaditaja noslodzi/Tee geomeetria moju analuus soidukijuhi tookoormusele. Pellegrino, Orazio Report Jun 1, 2009 5596
Toddlers with autism may focus on co-occurring sounds and motions: as a result, the kids may neglect cues to social interaction. Bower, Bruce Apr 25, 2009 630
Visual performance from automobile headlamps along high-speed curves. Bullough, John D. Report Jan 1, 2009 2858
Evaluation of the influence of the background colour on the perception of the stimulus contrast. Kovacic, Anja; Matijevic, Mile; Mrvac, Nikola; Milkovic, Marin Report Jan 1, 2009 1921
A Red State Advantage? Robinson, Betsy Nov 1, 2008 428
Key insights to improved baseball performance. Harrison, Bill Nov 1, 2008 2530
The effects of pigment patterns on socialization in zebrafish, Danio rerio. Young, Michelle Howell; McGrew, Lori L. Report Jul 1, 2008 218
A comparison of visual versus olfactory cues for mate selection in zebrafish, Danio rerio. Caro, Zachary W.; McGrew, Lori L. Report Jul 1, 2008 167
Modulated low-level electromagnetic field effects on EEG visual event-related potentials/Moduleeritud madalatasemelise mikrolaine kiirgusefektid visuaalsetele EEG erutuspotentsiaalidele. Lass, Jaanus; Kruusing, Kristjan; Hinrikus, Hiie Report Jun 1, 2008 5355
The finger-reading effect with children: two unsuccessful replications/El efecto de lectura por los dedos con ninos: dos replicaciones sin exito/Der effekt des lesens mit den fingern bei kindern: zwei nichterfolgreiche replikationen/L'effect de lecture digitale avec les enfants : deux reproductions sans succes. Shiah, Yung-Jong Report Mar 22, 2008 6889
Visual perception based automatic recognition of cell mosaics in human corneal endothelium microscopy images. Gavet, Yann; Pinoli, Jean-Charles Report Mar 1, 2008 4130
Pattern pictures. Olson, Mark Sep 1, 2007 599
Raised-line pictures, blindness, and tactile "beliefs": an observational case study. D'Angiulli, Amedeo Mar 1, 2007 2518
In the eyes of the beholder: your client crashed into a stopped vehicle on a straight road under clear skies. So is she at fault? Not necessarily. The science of human perception can help you show how a seemingly avoidable collision was anything but. Christensen, Dan Feb 1, 2007 3733
Visual perceptual skills and related school functions in children with hemiplegic cerebal palsy. Burtner, Patricia A.; Dukeminier, Aimee; Ben, Lynette; Qualls, Clifford; Scott, Keri Mar 1, 2006 5166
Pictures vs. 1,000 words. Steele, Bruce C. Editorial Jan 31, 2006 565
Faces elicit strong emotions in autism. Brief Article Mar 12, 2005 218
Are visual perceptual skills related to mathematics ability in second through sixth grade children? Geiger, Meghan E. Sep 22, 2004 2874
Cheetham adds visual impact that delivers results. Brief Article Sep 18, 2004 284
Babies show eye for object lessons. Brief Article Sep 6, 2003 260
Subjective assessment of visual verticality in follow-up of patients with acute vestibular disease. (Original Article). Jauregui-Renaud, Kathrine Jun 1, 2003 1683
Ask a woman. (Behaviour). Brief Article May 1, 2003 269
Brain learns to sharpen its focus. (Neuroscience). Brief Article Jan 4, 2003 272
Visual structure grips infants' attention. (Eye-Grabbing Insights). Bower, B. Nov 9, 2002 451
Brain anticipates object perception. (Nueral Shape-Up). Bower, B. Nov 2, 2002 476
Baby facial: infants monkey with face recognition. (Science News This Week). Bower, B. Brief Article May 18, 2002 553
Vision and division in "Kin" by Eudora Welty. (1). Chouard, Geraldine Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 9373
Dot.Moms. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Dec 15, 2001 112
Signs of Identity. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 196
People on the go follow the flow. Brief Article Feb 3, 2001 290
The concept of affordance and GIS: a note on Llobera (1996). WEBSTER, DAVID S. Dec 1, 1999 1833
Rapid Attention Shifts Aid Thought Processing. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 649
What Is Behind Distortions of Reality? Brief Article Apr 1, 1999 707
Visual perception in low-light levels. Michel, Paul May 1, 1998 1573
All fired up. Bower, Bruce Feb 21, 1998 1875
Lying eyes, insightful hands. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Feb 14, 1998 547
The allegory of seeing in Hitchcock's silent films. Morris, Christopher D. Dec 22, 1997 9690
Filling in the brain's line of sight. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Feb 8, 1997 270
Brain may make bright decisions early. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Aug 24, 1996 509
Gene connected to human cognitive trait. Bower, Bruce Jul 20, 1996 547
Digital noise sharpens vague images. Lipkin, Richard Mar 30, 1996 535
Blindsight in the lab: eye on awareness. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Sep 30, 1995 460
Our son would like to take piano lessons. I am wondering if music lessons are beneficial for other areas of learning. SerVaas, Cory Sep 1, 1995 305
Contextual control of new equivalence classes. Meehan, Edward F.; Fields, Lanny Mar 22, 1995 6208
Emergent relational responding based upon quantity and equivalence. Kennedy, Craig H.; Serna, Loretta A. Mar 22, 1995 5255
Seeing red! Stickney, Nancy Oct 1, 1994 255
Seeing in the dark. Clemmitt, Marcia Apr 1, 1994 912
Visual skills show two-pronged development. Bower, Bruce Sep 18, 1993 572
For distance, eyes see like ears hear. Pennisi, Elizabeth Brief Article Aug 28, 1993 490
Forging links between mathematics and art. Peterson, Ivars Jun 20, 1992 437
Lingering hues orient perception. Oct 26, 1991 299
Dyslexics read better with the blues. Weiss, Rick Sep 29, 1990 651
A new look at moving violations. Mar 17, 1990 368
A new view of vision: two scientists present a startling theory about how the brain processes visual signals. Vaughan, Christopher Jul 23, 1988 2630

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