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Visual packaging system now at HLP Klearfold.

* HLP Klearfold recently purchased the worldwide patents for the InSight visual packaging system from ASG (the AGI Shorewood Group), with whom it previously had an agreement to license InSight.

According to the company, the award-winning system combines printed plastic sleeves and injection molded plastic end caps to produce a very distinctive visual package. The sleeves are essentially tubes with the shape of the end caps determining the cross-sectional profile of the package. The end caps attach to the sleeves using a unique locking feature. Undercuts molded into the end caps engage die-cut tabs on the sleeves to join the components together securely. Packages can be designed so that end caps either lock permanently to the sleeve or twist off easily.

For smaller volume applications, HLP Klearfold's patent-pending Klearfold Keeper offers distinctive, non-traditional shapes, at less cost.

InSight and Klearfold Keeper are perfect, complementary packaging systems," said Steve Frazier, HLP Klearfold's president. "Both packages offer similar unique geometries and a very distinctive shelf presence, but have different production volume sweet spots. Klearfold Keeper is more cost effective for lesser volume applications while InSight is more cost effective for high volume."

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Title Annotation:Packaging News
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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