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Visual inspection.

The Piri Ultra visual inspection machine for the dimension and aspect control of technical particulars of different materials is featured in a two-page, color product bulletin. The machine carries out, in a completely automatic way, all the main operations. It loads the parts, conveys them one by one on the conveyor belt, checks their dimensions and aspect, selects and sorts out those parts that are out of tolerance, counts them and makes the inspection report, together with the relative dimensional cpk graphic. The whole system is managed by a computer that is equipped with a monitor and an alphanumeric keyboard for the man-machine dialogue. The computer transfers appropriate data to a PLC unit placed in the electrical cabinet. The PLC unit provides for the entire automation, thus sensibly reducing the cycle time, according to the literature. Dimension control for rings includes outer diameter, inner diameter, concentricity and ovalization. Shape and surface (one side) control includes batch assignment, inner/outer flashes, broken parts, porosity, superficial scratches, inclusions, deformation on the plane and thickness. (Brandywine Technology Sales, 627 General Weedon Dr., West Chester, PA 19382)

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Title Annotation:Literature: hardware/software
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Date:Sep 22, 2003
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