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Vista metals buys casting plant.

Secondary aluminum producer Vista Metals Corp., Fontana, Calif., has purchased cast plate production equipment that was formerly used by Pechiney Cast Plate in Vernon, Calif.

The company will use the equipment to produce cast plate products at its Fontana facility.

"This acquisition is a logical progression, especially since we have supplied the slab to the mold plate manufacturers for over 18 years," Vista Metals President Andrew Primack says. "We are excited and fully committed to fully integrate our cast plate products, both mold and precision tool and jig, into the marketplace," he adds.

Vista makes press extrusion billet in hard and soft alloys and makes rounds for the forging industry and slabs for the mold plate and rolling industry.
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Title Annotation:Vista Metals Corp; Pechiney Cast Plate in Vernon
Publication:Recycling Today
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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