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Visit from Stasi sent me Loko.


SECRET police from East Germany's hated Stasi tried to put the frighteners on Uwe Rosler to stop him defecting to the West.

Before the Berlin Wall came down, Rosler was grilled by Stasi agents who wanted him to become a dressing-room grass at Lokomotive Leipzig and betray team-mates who were planning to flee the despised regime.

Terrified, 18-year-old Rosler asked for time to think it over, only to be told by one of his Communist interrogators: "You are either with us, or against us. And if you are against us, you are finished. Your career will be over."

Rosler tearfully confided in his Lokomotive manager, who angrily called his chief executive to demand that the Stasi left his players alone before calling the secret police "f****** a********" and slamming the phone down in a rage.

Since phone-tapping was a rite of passage in East Germany, Rosler feared he would be called to account by the Stasi again.

But he insisted: "I could never have done their dirty work. I was a footballer, not a spy or an informer.

"Serving a ban, for elbowing an opponent who wound me up far too much, the two Stasi agents who had dealt with me turned up at a home game to let me know they were still around.

"But my manager had been right all along - they were a********."

Ironically, when the Berlin Wall came down and Germanyny celebrated reunification, after 44 years of post-war division, it denied Rosler - who had just broken through into the East German national side - the chance of playing at the 1990 World Cup Finals in Italy.

He knew he would never dislodge Jurgen Klinsmann and Rudi Voller from a united German national team.

By way of consolation, he collected a "massive" cash bonus after East Germany's last international, a 2-0 win against Belgium - because the federation had to get rid of all its currency, which was soon to become obsolete.


EAST MEETS WEST But Uwe could not dislodge Klinsmann we n
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2013
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