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Visionary leaders will receive recognition at NTI.

Each year, the highest of AACN's Circle of Excellence awards honor individuals who have made a difference in acute and critical care nursing. Among these are the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career and the GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award, presented to individuals considered to be Visionary Leaders. Recipients of both awards are selected by a unanimous vote of the AACN Board of Directors.

This year's recipient of the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career is Christopher Bryan-Brown, BM, BCh, MA (Oxon), DA, FRCA. GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award recipients are Joanne M. Disch, RN, PhD, FAAN, Nancy Curtis Molter, RN, PhD, Jane Stover Leske, PhD, APRN-BC, and Elizabeth Tornquist, MA.

This award recognizes individuals who are completing or have completed an extraordinary and distinguished professional career. The recipients show consistent and exceptional contributions throughout a career that has enhanced the care of acutely and critically ill patients and their families by furthering the mission and vision of AACN. The award is named in honor of its first recipient, AACN past President Marguerite R. Kinney.

Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career

Christopher Bryan-Brown

Christopher Bryan-Brown is proud of his special relationship with nursing. He considers his adoption of the values of nursing as instrumental to his professional success, singling out AACN past leaders as his tutors. "Chris has always put a patient's individual needs at the top of the care equation," one of them confirmed. As an author of more than 190 articles and board member or reviewer for 10 journals, his career-long commitment to the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge is thoroughly documented. Christopher Bryan-Brown is best known to acute and critical care nurses as founding co-editor of the American Journal of Critical Care and physician co-editor of Heart & Lung, AACN's first scientific journal. "The physician co-editor should not be too bound up with the medical establishment to have no sense of humor or ability to critique the status quo," he observes. More than 65 editorials confirm his sense of humor and unparalleled ability to chide the status quo. Add to this service as president of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, secretary general of the American College of Critical Care, council member of the Panamerican Iberic Federation for 12 years then treasurer and secretary general of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, and Bryan-Brown's career distinguished in every way.

This award recognizes significant contributions that influence acute and critical care nursing. Successful applicants demonstrate a far-reaching contribution that exemplifies a pioneering spirit and influences the direction of acute and critical care nursing. The contribution must be clearly defined and have a regional or national effect. It must be timely and addresss or resolve a significant issue facing acute and critical care nursing, and must be related to the mission, vision and values of AACN.

GE Healthcare-AACN Pioneering Spirit Award

Joanne M. Disch

Ever the high-spirited AACN leader, since her 1982 AACN presidency Joanne Disch has emerged as a pioneering volunteer leader beyond nursing. Most noteworthy for its national influence is her service to AARP's national board of directors. She is currently the first nurse to serve as national vice president-board governance/board chair. In this capacity, she chairs the board meetings and the board governance committee also chairing the governance review committee and the CEO evaluation committee. Previously she chaired the AARP board audit and finance committee as well as the national nominating committee and the board nominating committee. Joanne Disch's appointment to the board of directors of Allina Hospitals and Clinics, a major healthcare system in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, confirms her credibility and respect at home, much of it earned during her tenure as University of Minnesota Medical Center's chief nursing officer. Allina has nearly 100 patient care facilities including hospitals, medical and hospital-based clinics, ambulatory care centers and community pharmacies. As vice chair of Allina's quality committee, she brings nursing leadership and perspective essential for the organization's success. Joanne Disch embodies the American Academy of Nursing's new public awareness campaign-Raise the Voice: Nurses Have the Answers-which she has been instrumental in spearheading.

Nancy Curtis Molter Jane Stover Leske

In a 1979 article, one of 13 on family needs during critical illness, Nancy Curtis Molter wrote:

"If the patient is a member of a family, then the family and staff should recognize that the health care personnel are helping relatives because it is a crucial part of total patient care. This area in providing total patient care needs to be studied carefully. The relatives of critically ill patients have important needs in this crisis period. By recognizing these needs and evaluating how they are being met, total patient care will involve the family. Such involvement is essential to the care of the critically ill patient."

Molter's scholarship and passion for family needs framed what has become a cornerstone of AACN's professional and public agendas. It also inspired Jane Stover Leske to make family needs the focus of her own scholarly career. Molter humbly describes her own work as fledgling, pointing to Leske as the trailblazer. Together they developed the Critical Care Family Needs Inventory (CCFNI), publishing in 1991 the original psychometric properties of the instrument's use with English-speaking families. With vision and foresight, they decided the instrument should be accessible to any user at no cost. It continues to be available in textbooks and online. Further validation of the tools and subsequent studies with Chinese, Dutch and French populations confirms the wisdom of their decision. So does the tool's use by physicians to measure family satisfaction and use of its findings in designing the American College of Chest Physicians' well-respected Critical Care Family Assistance Program, preparing multidisciplinary team members to meet family needs. "Families are not visitors in the critical care unit" continues to describe the driving tenet of Molter and Leske's pioneering work.

Elizabeth Tornquist

A shrinking pool of nurse authors demands that AACN showcase their essential role in communicating knowledge. It also demands that we showcase the pioneering contributions of talented individuals who support nurses in bringing their knowledge to print. Elizabeth Tornquist has done just that for more than 30 years as editor in residence for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing. In 1985, she helped found the school's Research Support Center where virtually every faculty and student investigator seeking extramural research funding received help writing coherent and compelling proposals. The results: Nursing research funding at UNC grew from $22,000 in 1985 to $8.6 million this year. Beyond UNC she has plied her skilled craft presenting workshops at more than 40 universities and dozens of clinical facilities.

The preface of her widely read book, From Proposal to Publication: An Informal Guide to Writing about Nursing Research, reveals Tornquist's guiding philosophy and the plain-spoken secret of her success:

"The book is meant to be used as a guide when you write. If you read it straight through you will find it repetitious, so I suggest that you read it like a cookbook: Look up the recipe you want just before you begin or when you need a reminder about what to do next. I have the style informal since this is a practical handbook, not a treatise on writing. I hope you find it readable and helpful."
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