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Vision and mission at work.

The need for a clear vision, mission and core strategy is widely recognized in both public and private organizations. Even in my local library, a vision, mission and value statement recently appeared, prominently displayed on a sign at the checkout desk. This felt like overkill to me--I think we all know what libraries are meant to do. But then again, I've also found that having the vision and mission of CMA Canada in clear view of my computer screen helpful on occasion--a good reminder of the purpose of my work when I get buried in background research. Librarians probably appreciate this as well.

The challenge we all face is how to effectively deliver on the vision, mission and values that are set out before us. In fact, the ability to take an organization's vision, mission and core strategies into daily operations continues to be more difficult than much of the current strategy literature would suggest. A new CMA-AICPA management accounting guideline sets out to create a framework that makes execution easier. Learn more about how strategy mapping can help drive performance by turning to page 22.

A vision, mission and value statement essentially explains a company's principles succinctly. And strong principles should sit at the core of a successful business. As Lisa Brush, CMA, understands, making those central to operations makes the bottom line fall into place naturally. As Chief Operating Officer of Sunrise REIT, an owner of seniors residences, she's helping make this happen. Turn to page 42 to read more of her story.

When an organization's values are transparent for all who work there, it's easier to express those values within and beyond the organization's operations. For instance, in an age of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility, organizations are finding new ways to give, in their communities and overseas, by supporting longer term volunteer opportunities for employees. While it creates challenges for business, some consider the payback worth the trouble. Find out what some organizations are doing in "The corporate volunteer," on page 33.

CMA Canada has been working hard on living its mission and vision as well. In fact, the CMA Canada national office was recently cited in the latest edition of The Disney Way as a shining example of how an organization can build a culture of excellence through idea generation, strong two-way communication, outstanding management leadership, and a commitment to mutual respect and trust (read more about it in this month's Media Bites column). To take our excellence journey further, however, we need input from members. To facilitate this, we are introducing a monthly survey question on the CMA Canada website, We will include a new question for feedback each month, so please check the website regularly starting in February. We appreciate all the feedback we get from members.


Robert Colman

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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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