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Vision Pharma steps up development.

WALL, N.J. -- Vision Pharma LLC says it has signed an exclusive formulation and research and development agreement with Paul Sudhakar, a former president of Midland Pharmaceuticals LLC and Martec Pharmaceutical LLC.

"Paul will be contracted to work on our growing pipeline of products in our new lab in Kansas City, Kansas," explains Sander Busman, president and chief executive officer of Vision Pharma, based here.

More than 64 formulations are being developed by Sudhakar for which Vision Pharma will be seeking abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) and new drug application (NDA) approvals, according to Busman.

"Worldwide, Paul has accumulated over 300 formulations and has achieved remarkable success in his career," Busman comments.

"When we blend our skills together, Vision Pharma will gain more control over the development process, reduce major costs and speed FDA approval times," he adds.

Vision Pharma is a generic pharmaceutical company that specializes in niche products with various delivery options and dosage forms.


According to the company's web site, Vision Pharma's roster of products includes brompheniramine tannate chewable tablets, 12 mg (60- and 100-count sizes); carisoprodol, 350mg (100-count); colchicine, 0.6 mg (100, 500- and 1,000-count); hyoscyamine sulfate orally disintegrating tablets, 0.125 mg (90- and 100-count); loratadine, 10 mg (100-count); Vis-Phos N (100-count); Visonex (20-count); Visqid A/A (100-count); VisRx Dose Pack 10 (20-count); VisRx Dose Pack 30 (60-count); Vistra 650 (100-count); and Visvex HC Liquid (473 mL).

Through its web site, Vision Pharma also offers VisVoice, an online service that e-mails subscribers the latest news and information from the Food and Drug Administration, including new approvals and recalls.

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Date:May 25, 2009
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