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Vision Changes During Pregnancy.

We all know the many physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. Well, add eyesight to the list. The Better Vision Institute, a nonprofit trade association of the eyewear industry, reports that pregnancy can create many vision problems, some of which are serious. Be on the look out for dryness, blurred vision, distorted vision, tunnel vision, or spots.

Hormonal changes are responsible for the dryness. The tear ducts become less productive, which may make wearing contact lenses difficult.

Blurred vision may be caused by the dryness and eye drops may help. However, blurred vision may be an indicator of gestational diabetes. The woman's OB or midwife should be notified.

Other vision changes, such as distorted vision, tunnel vision, eye hemorrhages, and spots may indicate a serious problem. These changes may signify high blood pressure or leaking eye fluid. Again, the woman's primary care provider should be notified.

--American Baby, January 1999
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Date:Sep 22, 1999
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