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Visible Systems ships newest case tool for enterprise application development.

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1996--

Visible Analyst Workbench 6.1 provides repository of data,

processes, and objects for sharing and reuse among an

organization's developers

Visible Systems Corporation today announced the production shipment of Visible Analyst Workbench (VAW) 6.1, an integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool that provides enterprise modeling for client/server environments. VAW 6.1 enables IS managers to merge individual software development projects into a single strategic meta-data repository that captures a company's accumulated business knowledge. It stores and documents data, processes, and objects that can be shared for real-time, multi-user application development throughout an organization.

With VAW 6.1, CIOs, for the first time, have the technology to more effectively manage their database and application portfolio. The entire corporation benefits from the reuse of model components across the enterprise. Ensuring consistent component definitions company-wide results in improved communication internally among development teams and with corporate management.

"Many IS organizations are attempting to adopt an enterprise engineering discipline to better control and manage the application development process," said George G. Cagliuso, Visible Systems chairman and CEO. "These groups must integrate complex applications being developed at several sites for many different users. With VAW 6.1, they now have a tool to ensure consistent data and object definitions among distributed projects and to use and assign this meta-data for future applications. The result is higher-quality business applications, shorter development times, and fewer project failures."

Ted Bahn, chief information officer of the Florida Department of Labor, a VAW 6.1 beta customer, commented: "For several years, we have been using Visible Systems' CASE tool to increase efficiency in developing applications for a number of our divisions -- Unemployment Compensation, Workers Compensation, and Vocational Rehabilita- tion. We will evaluate the new product for bringing together divisional models into a single corporate information architecture."

Another beta customer, State Street Boston Corporation, one of the largest financial services firms for institutional investors, currently uses VAW 6.0 to produce business-level documentation for applications drawing on 100 production databases. David Ness, assistant vice president and manager of data engineering, said, "We're excited about VAW 6.1's ability to generate both physical and logical data models, especially since we use Sybase, Oracle, and other databases." Ness added, "VAW has greatly enhanced our productivity in modeling, and we expect that 6.1 will extend those benefits throughout the organization."

New Features and Capabilities

VAW 6.1's enterprise application engineering capabilities and new data modeling features exceed functions offered by existing CASE tools.

Enterprise Modeling. VAW 6.1 enables IS managers, data administrators, and business analysts to incrementally build enterprise models through the reverse engineering of existing "satellite" applications, databases, or models stored in non-enterprise CASE tools. Enterprise information is down-loadable to "satellite" projects, enabling developers to share meta-data (i.e., data models, class models, and even process models) from the enterprise model. Then, the satellite projects can be "uploaded" and merged back into the Enterprise project. Unlike competitive products, for which a developer "checks out" a piece of the model that can be used only by that one developer, VAW 6.1 enables concurrent access of meta-data objects by multiple developers.

Logical Data Types. These make it easier to transition from one database vendor to another using import and export capabilities. VAW 6.1 maps logical data types to the correct physical data types for the desired SQL database.

Physical Data Model Views. VAW 6.1 enables the database administrator to display the physical equivalent of a logical entity using information stored in the repository for the entity and associated attributes. Now the DBA can view the logical and physical models of the database using a single-source repository for both sets of information. This enforces consistency between physical and logical models.

Relationship Denormalization. Developers can now determine denormalization choices for relationships, duplicate or collapse columns, and generate a different set of tables through SQL.

Visible Systems Corporation

Visible Systems Corporation, headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a leader in the development of integrated tools for automating design, development, and reverse engineering of software applications and systems. The company's principal product, Visible Analyst Workbench, is a workgroup-oriented, repository-based, methodology-independent CASE toolset, which integrates planning, analysis, design, construction, and reverse engineering in client/server environments. Visible Systems and its affiliates offer training, support, and other technology migration services. -0-

1996 Visible Systems Corporation. Visible Systems and Visible Analyst are registered trademarks of Visible Systems Corporation.

CONTACT: Stewart B. Nash

Visible Systems Corporation

(617) 890-2273, ext. 306


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 28, 1996
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