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Rheological Behavior of Polypropylene Nanocomposites with Tailored Polymer/Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Interface. Wang, Po-Hsiang; Gulgunje, Prabhakar; Ghoshal, Sushanta; Verghese, Nikhil; Kumar, Satish Report Sep 1, 2019 9676
ENERGY-SAVING TIP: Hydraulics: Getting the Right Fluid. Kent, Robin Brief article Mar 1, 2019 312
Solvent Replacement. Schoff, Clifford K. Feb 1, 2019 825
Viscosity Measurements of Three Base Oils and One Fully Formulated Lubricant and New Viscosity Correlations for the Calibration Liquid Squalane. Laesecke, Arno; Junker, Clemens; Lauria, Damian S. Technical report Jan 1, 2019 24536
Expanding the Coating Formulators Toolbox by Using Chemo-Rheological Models. Aguirre, Fabio; Grzesiak, Adam; Shafi, Asjad; Ghirmazion, Yohannes Dec 1, 2018 4371
Influence of the Melt Viscosity and Operating Conditions on the Degree of Filling, Pressure, Temperature, and Residence Time in a Co-Kneader. Monchatre, Benjamin; Raveyre, Claude; Carrot, Christian Report Feb 1, 2018 6218
Monitoring the Transesterification Reaction of Vegetable Oil to Biodiesel by Fluorescence Spectroscopy with UV Excitation: Correlation with Viscosity. Izida, Thais; Bussler, Larissa; da Cunha Andrade, Luis Humberto; Marcio Lima, Sandro Report Jan 15, 2018 2295
A Direct Correlation between Viscosity and Liquid Structure in Cu-Sn Alloys. Zhao, Yan; Hou, Xiaoxia Report Jan 1, 2018 2452
Performance Evaluation of a Regenerative Pump under Fluid Viscosity Enhancement. Nejadrajabali, J.; Riasi, A.; Nourbakhsh, S.A. Report Nov 1, 2017 3853
Transient Modeling of Viscosity. Moshe, Amir; Kazmer, David O.; Sobkowicz-Kline, Margaret J.; Johnston, Stephen P.; Kenig, Shmuel Report Oct 1, 2017 7479
Dry-blend rotational molding: dispersible carbon black is key: dry blending offers benefits over masterbatches, but requires careful selection of the filler grade. Grace, Robert Sep 1, 2017 1440
Dependence of bulk viscosity of polypropylene on strain, strain rate, and melt temperature. Chivapornthip, P.; Bohez, E.L.J. Report Aug 1, 2017 4420
Development of Low Viscosity API SN 0W-16 Fuel-Saving Engine Oil Considering Chain Wear Performance. Sagawa, Takumaru; Nakano, Seiichi; Bito, Yohei; Koike, Yusuke; Okuda, Sachiko; Suzuki, Rika Report Jun 1, 2017 4631
Designing plastics parts: Are you considering creep? If injection molding means a lot to your business. Beaumont, John Report Mar 1, 2017 2828
The Long Bubbles Penetration through Viscoelastic Fluids with Shear-Thinning Viscosity in a Curved Tube. Chang, Ching-Chuan Report Jan 1, 2017 5438
Viscosities and Conductivities of [BMIM]Zn[(Ac).sub.x][Cl.sub.y](x = 0, 1, 2, 3; y = 3, 2, 1, 0) Ionic Liquids at Different Temperatures. Xu, Hang; Zhang, Dandan Technical report Jan 1, 2017 3353
Analysis in displacement of liquid chromatography changing density and viscosity as a function of temperature and pressure for Malathion. Salazar, Jorge Eliecer Buitrago; Sandoval, Olga Lucia Ramos; Hurtado, Dario Amaya Report Dec 1, 2016 3326
A study of effect of biodiesel on common-rail injection nozzle. Chaikool, Patamaporn; Intravised, Kemwat; Patsin, Prapan; Laonapakul, Teerawat Report Nov 1, 2016 2519
Analysis of variance in capillary rheometry. Moshe, A.; Kazmer, D.O.; Johnston, S.P.; Malloy, R.M.; Kenig, S. Report Aug 1, 2016 7143
Investigation of engine oil base stock effects on low speed pre-ignition in a turbocharged direct injection SI engine. Andrews, Arthur; Burns, Raymond; Dougherty, Richard; Deckman, Douglas; Patel, Mrugesh Technical report Jun 1, 2016 5487
Improved models of viscosity and relaxation modulus for epoxy resin during cure. Li, Huimin; Zhang, Boming Report Jun 1, 2016 3224
Gooey mantle boundary discovered: region resists movement of magma plumes, sinking plates. Sumner, Thomas Jan 9, 2016 530
Influence of magnetic field on blood viscosity. Kadhim, Alia Ahmed; Seah, Baidaa Taher; Zubair, Alauldeen Mudhafar Report Jan 1, 2016 1780
Self-Similar Analytic Solution of the Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equation with a Non-Newtonian Type of Viscosity. Barna, Imre Ferenc; Bognar, Gabriella; Hriczo, Krisztian Report Jan 1, 2016 4621
Bacteria eliminate fluid's viscosity: E. coli's synchronized swimming produces superfluid solution. Grant, Andrew Brief article Aug 8, 2015 300
Cold runner design: it's all about the details: common features designed into a mold can create flow variations. Hoffman, David A. May 1, 2015 776
Numerical Solution of the Time-Dependent Navier--Stokes Equation for Variable Density--Variable Viscosity. Part I. Axelsson, Owe; He, Xin; Neytcheva, Maya Report Mar 1, 2015 12925
Design optimization of piezoresistive multi MEMS device for lubricating system. Chitra, L.; Ramakrishnan, V. Report Dec 1, 2014 2709
Study of density, viscosity and ultrasonic properties of Ethyl/methyl-4-(aryl)-6-methyl-2-oxo/thioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-pyridimidine-5-carboxylate. Bajaj, Sonal D.; Tekade, Pradip V.; Mahodaya, Om.A. Report Oct 1, 2014 4215
Kinematic viscosity of linseed oil, almond oil and diesel fuel. Hassanain, Imane; Belgharza, Maryem; Louzi, Imane; Azzouzi, El Habib E.L.; Lakrari, Khouloud; Hlimi, Report Jul 1, 2014 1303
Viscosity of rapeseed and argan vegetable oils, and their comparison with the mineral oil. Belgharza, Meryem; El Azzouzi, El Habib; Hassanain, Imane; Rochdi, Rajaa; El hamidi, Adnane; Ellouzi Report Jul 1, 2014 1128
Investigation the Physicochemical Properties and Stability of W/O Emulsion. Iqbal, Shahid; Baloch, Musa Kaleem; Hameed, Gulzar; Rehman, Wajid; Naz, Rubina; Akhlaq, Muhammad Report Apr 30, 2014 2851
Modeling the Rheology of SR1500 and LY556 Epoxies Under Manufacturer's Recommended Cure Cycles after Viscosimetry and Rheometry Characterization. Faria, Hugo; Pires, Andrade F.M.; Marques, Torres A. Report Apr 1, 2014 5590
An evaluation of the pressure-dependent melt viscosity of polyphenylsulfone. Sedlacek, Tomas; Hausnerova, Berenika; Filip, Petr Report Mar 1, 2014 2758
Performance, emission, energy, and exergy analysis of a C.I. engine using Mahua biodiesel blends with diesel. Panigrahi, Nabnit; Mohanty, Mahendra Kumar; Mishra, Sruti Ranjan; Mohanty, Ramesh Chandra Report Jan 1, 2014 8108
Asymptotic modeling of the thin film flow with a pressure-dependent viscosity. Marusic-Paloka, Eduard; Pazanin, Igor Report Jan 1, 2014 6217
Derivation of conservation laws for the magma equation using the multiplier method: power law and exponential law for permeability and viscosity. Mindu, N.; Mason, D.P. Report Jan 1, 2014 7522
Viscosity and thermodynamic properties of alkali metal bromides in the presence of acetonitrile, 3-hydroxypropionitrile and acetonitrile + 3-hydroxypropionitrile mixture at various temperatures. Shama; Uddin, Fahim; Ahmed, Tehseen; Zamir, Talat Report Dec 31, 2013 8790
The effect of cement modification on the rheological properties of cement paste. Janavicius, Eugenijus; Dauksys, Mindaugas; Skripkiunas, Gintautas; Nagrockiene, Dzigita; Daugeliene, Report Dec 1, 2013 4181
Effect of Boscia albitrunca (Omukunzi) root on the bacteriology and viscosity of Omashikwa, traditional fermented buttermilk from Namibia. Bille, Peter George Report Sep 1, 2013 5076
Strong convergence of modified viscosity approximation in CAT(0) spaces. Wu, Yu Jing; Chen, Ru Dong; Shi, Luo Yi Report Jul 1, 2013 315
Effects of Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose and Edible Cow Gelatin on Physico-chemical, Textural and Sensory Properties of Yoghurt. Andic, Seval; Boran, Gokhan; Tuncturk, Yusuf Report Apr 30, 2013 6348
Influence of viscosity modifying agent on some rheological properties, segregation resistance and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete. Grabiec, Anna M. Report Feb 1, 2013 5710
Studies on excess volume, viscosity, and speed of sound of binary mixtures of methyl benzoate in ethers at T = (303.15, 308.15, and 313.15)K. Rathnam, M.V.; Ambavadekar, Devappa R.; Nandini, M. Report Jan 1, 2013 6207
Excess molar volumes and viscosities for the binary mixtures of n-octane, n-decane, n-dodecane, and n-tetradecane with octan-2-ol at 298.15 K. Mahajan, Arvind R.; Mirgane, Sunil R. Report Jan 1, 2013 8014
The effect of synthetic zeolite on the viscosity of cement paste/Sintetinio ceolito priedo itaka cemento teslos klampumui. Girskas, Giedrius; Nagrockiene, Dzigita Report Dec 1, 2012 2115
Sealed gravitational capillary viscometry of dimethyl ether and two next-generation alternative refrigerants. Cousins, Dylan S.; Laesecke, Arno Report Sep 1, 2012 12545
Measuring flow behavior: physical measurements of yield stress, creep, and viscosity can guide R&D teams to produce desired product formulations. McGregor, Robert G. Aug 1, 2012 1060
An engineering approach to pipeline transport of biomass. Massoudi, Mehrdad; Sanchez, Gin; Vaidya, Ashwin Report Jun 22, 2012 2344
Dynamic gray-box modeling for on-line monitoring of polymer extrusion viscosity. Liu, Xueqin; Li, Kang; McAfee, Marion; Nguyen, Bao Kha; McNally, Gerard M. Report Jun 1, 2012 6852
An area minimizing scheme for anisotropic mean curvature flow. Eto, Tokuhiro; Giga, Yoshikazu; Ishii, Katsuyuki Report Jan 1, 2012 3379
Mixed convection over an isothermal vertical flat plate embedded in a porous medium with magnetic field, radiation and variable viscosity with heat generation. Rani, T. Raja; Rao, C.N.B. Report Jan 1, 2012 3887
Cyanate ester-alumina nanoparticle suspensions: effect of alumina concentration on viscosity and cure behavior. Ament, Katherine A.; Kessler, Michael R.; Akinc, Mufit Report Jul 1, 2011 4656
Importance of coupling between specific energy and viscosity in the modeling of twin screw extrusion of starchy products. Berzin, Francoise; Tara, Ahmed; Tighzert, Lan; Vergnes, Bruno Report Sep 1, 2010 3831
Study of solution properties of poly(deamino-tyr-tyr carbonate hexyl ester) by light scattering and viscometry in dilute and semidilute regime. Aschi, Adel; Trabelsi, Saber; Gharbi, Abdelhafidh Report Aug 1, 2010 5392
An analytical model for steady coextrusion of viscoplastic fluids in thin slit dies with wall slip. Kalyon, Dilhan M. Report Apr 1, 2010 6666
Effects of loading rate on viscoplastic properties of polymer geosynthetics and its constitutive modeling. Peng, Fang-Le; Li, Fu-Lin; Tan, Yong; Kongkitkul, Warat Report Mar 1, 2010 5981
Researches and contributions to carry out a laboratory areometer-viscosimeter. Gutt, Sonia; Gutt, Gheorghe; Vasilache, Violeta; Poroch-Seritan, Maria Report Jan 1, 2010 1340
Toughening effects of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers with different vinyl acetate content and viscosity on nylon 1010 blends. Yu, Haiyang; Zhang, Yong; Ren, Wentan Report Dec 1, 2009 3509
Influence of process parameters and viscosity on radial stresses in fluid assisted deep drawing process. Kumar, R. Uday; Reddy, P. Ravinder; Ramaraju, A.V. Sita Report Oct 1, 2009 3918
On modeling the composition dependence of the bulk viscosity of immiscible polymer blends. Han, Chang Dae Report Sep 1, 2009 10718
Influence of viscosity enhancing agent on rheology and compressive strength of superplasticized mortars/Klampa didinanciu priedu itaka superplastifikuotu skiediniu reologijai ir stipriui gniuzdant. Golaszewski, Jacek Report Jun 1, 2009 3570
Influence of particle shape on the viscosity of kaolin suspensions. Gregorova, Eva; Pabst, Willi; Bouchet, Jean-Baptiste Report Jan 1, 2009 2378
Viewpoints regarding the influence of temperature on determination of the oil limit viscosity in hydrodynamic bearings. Motomancea, Adrian; Popa, Constantin Report Jan 1, 2009 1655
The viscosity behaviour of the reopectic abrasive mediums in the nanoprocessing processes by abrasive flow machining. Avramescu, Valeriu; Avramescu, Norvegia; Ionescu, Nicolae; Visan, Aurelian; Grejdanescu, Roxana; Pau Report Jan 1, 2009 1516
The mastication characteristics of powdered carbon black filled natural rubber during internal mixing. Zhang, Anqiang; Lin, Yaling; Wang, Lianshi Technical report Apr 1, 2008 3728
Elongational viscosity of LDPEs and polystyrenes using entrance loss data. Walczak, K.; Gupta, M.; Koppi, K.A.; Dooley, J.; Spalding, M.A. Technical report Feb 1, 2008 5337
A method for assessing the choice of polymeric materials for specific applications. Pitol-Filho, Luizildo; Garcia-Valls, Ricard Aug 1, 2007 5546
Electromagnetism could ease the flow in oil pipelines. Brief article Oct 28, 2006 186
Direct numerical simulations of three-layer viscosity-stratified flow. Cao, Qing; Sarkar, Kausik; Prasad, Ajay K. Oct 1, 2006 6028
Compatibilization of starch-polyester blends using reactive extrusion. Maliger, R.B.; McGlashan, S.A.; Halley, P.J.; Matthew, L.G. Mar 1, 2006 7634
The case of the ketchup caper: this month, learn about viscous materials. Honovich, Nancy Feb 1, 2006 1190
Experimental studies of hydrodynamics and regime transition in bubble columns. Thet, May Khin; Wang, Chi-Hwa; Tan, Reginald B.H. Feb 1, 2006 5862
High-temperature mastication of raw natural rubber: changes in macrostructure and mesostructure. Ehabe, E.E.; Bonfils, F.; Sainte-Beuve, J.; Collet, A.; Schue, F. Feb 1, 2006 3512
Effects of length distribution on the steady shear viscosity of semiconcentrated polymer-fiber suspensions. Huq, A.M.A.; Azaiez, J. Oct 1, 2005 7063
Description of the dynamic moduli of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)/polyamide-12 blends in molten state. Asadinezhad, A.; Yavari, A.; Jafari, S.H.; Khonakdar, H.A.; Bohme, F. Oct 1, 2005 3064
Comparison of artificial saliva substitutes. Preetha, A.; Banerjee, R. Jan 1, 2005 4033
Relating fresh concrete viscosity measurements from different rheometers. Martys, Nicos S. May 1, 2003 3671
NIST experiment's data acquired before space shuttle tragedy. (General Developments). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 337
Effect of reactive compatibilization on the interfacial slip in nylon-6/EPR blends. Puyvelde, P. Van; Oommen, Z.; Koets, P.; Groeninckx, G.; Moldenaers, P.; Leuven, K.U.; Eindhoven, T. Jan 1, 2003 2913
Rheological behavior of brominated isobutylene-co-paramethylstyrene: effect of fillers, oil and blending with EPDM. Kumar, Bhuwneesh; De, S.K.; Bhowmick, A.K.; De, P.P.; Peiffer, D.G. Abstract Dec 1, 2002 5567
Rheology of concentrated solutions of hyperbranched polyesters. Andrady, Anthony L.; Nunez, Carlos M.; Chiou, Bor-Sen; Khan, Saad A. Nov 1, 2002 2285
Development of a two-stage, dual-Arrhenius rheology model for a high-performance phenylethynyl-terminated poly(etherimide). Bullions, Todd A.; McGrath, J.E.; Loos, A.C. Nov 1, 2002 4090
Influence of side-chain structures on the viscoelasticity and elongation viscosity of polyethylene melts. Lin, Gwo-Geng; Shih, Hsi-Hsin; Chai, Ping-Chang; Hsu, Shio-Jin Nov 1, 2002 3077
Influence of the processing conditions on a two-phase reactive blend system: EVA/PP thermoplastic vulcanizate. Joubert, Catherine; Cassagnau, Philippe; Michel, Alain; Choplin, Lionel Nov 1, 2002 4433
Measurement and prediction of LDPE/[CO.sub.2] solution viscosity. Areerat, Surat; Nagata, Takefumi; Ohshima, Masahiro Nov 1, 2002 5765
Effect of the dispersed phase fraction on particle size in blends with high viscosity ratio. Cho, Y.G.; Kamal, M.R. Oct 1, 2002 6566
Rheometric scientific: the measure of excellence. (Solutions 2002). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 702
Relative Viscometer. (Supplier's Corner). Brief Article May 1, 2002 86
High speed imaging of drop dormation from low viscosity liquids and polymer melts in spinning disk atomization. Senuma, Yoshinori; Hilborn, Jons G. Abstract May 1, 2002 6632
Influence of elasticity on dispersed-phase droplet size in immiscible polymer blends in simple shearing flow. Lerdwijitjarud, Wanchai; Sirivat, Anuvat; Larson, Ronald G. Abstract Apr 1, 2002 6168
Stress relaxation tester. (Suppliers Showcase: Instruments). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 196
Effect of Interlayer Structure, Matrix Viscosity and Composition of a Functionalized Polymer on the Phase Structure of Polypropylene-Montmorillonite Nanocomposites. Kim, Kyu-Nam; Kim, Hyungsu; Lee, Jae-Wook Nov 1, 2001 3782
Mailbag. Colbert, George P. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 1045
Mooney viscometers. (Instruments). Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 87
Effect of Starch Content on Viscosity of Starch-Filled Poly(Hydroxy Ester Ether) Composites. ZHOU, GENWEN; WILLETT, J.L.; CARRIERE, C.J. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 3617
Diffusion-Induced Bubble Growth in Viscous Liquids of Finite and Infinite Extent. VENERUS, DAVID C. Aug 1, 2001 5876
Effect of Non-Isothermal Oriented Crystallization on the Velocity and Elongational Viscosity Profiles During the Melt Spinning of High Density Polyethylene Fibers. MAKRADI, A.; AHZI, S.; GREGORY, R. V. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 4716
Dispersion in High Viscosity Ratio Polyolefin Blends. HUNEAULT, MICHEL A.; MIGHRI, FREJ; KO, GLEN H.; WATANABE, FUMINAO Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4811
Rheokinetics and the Influence of Shear Rate on the Trommsdorff (Gel) Effect During Free Radical Polymerization. CIOFFI, M.; HOFFMANN, A. C.; JANSSEN, L. P. B. M Mar 1, 2001 3272
New Products. Product Announcement Feb 1, 2001 23719
Viscoelastic Properties of Reactive and Non-Reactive Blends of Ethylene-Methyl Acrylate Copolymers With Styrene-Maleic Anhydride Copolymer. BAYRAM, G.; YILMAZER, U.; XANTHOS, M. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 4395
Market Profile: Glass Cap. Viscometers. Jan 31, 2001 301
Relative Viscometer. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 80
Polymer Blend De-mixing and Morphology Development of Immiscible Polymer Blends During Tube Flow. KARAMI, ASKAR; BALKE, STEPHEN T. Nov 1, 2000 5231
New Products. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 436
Effect of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide on Morphology Development During Polymer Blending. ELKOVITCH, MARK D.; LEE, L. JAMES; TOMASKO, DAVID L. Aug 1, 2000 5430
Nonisothermal Two-Dimensional Film Casting of a Viscous Polymer. SMITH, SPENCER; STOLLE, DIETER Aug 1, 2000 4326
Recycling of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Into Closed-Cell Foams. JAPON, SONIA; LETERRIER, YVES; MANSON, JAN-ANDERS E. Aug 1, 2000 5604
Viscosity Seminar. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 467
Elongational Behavior of Polyethylene Melts--Effect of Deformation. MICIC, P.; BHATTACHARYA, S.N. Jul 1, 2000 3726
Suppliers Showcase INSTRUMENTS. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 666
Efficient Mixing of Polymer Blends of Extreme Viscosity Ratio: Elimination of Phase Inversion Via Solid-State Shear Pulverization. FURGIUELE, NAOMI; LEBOVITZ, ANDREW H.; KHAIT, KLEMENTINA; TORKELSON, JOHN M. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 8084
Interfacial Instabilities in Coextrusion Flows of Low-Density Polyethylenes: Experimental Studies. TZOGANAKIS, COSTAS; PERDIKOULIAS, JOHN May 1, 2000 3401
INSTRUMENTS. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 884
Viscosity-Measurement System. MOLINARO, HOPE Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 205
INSTRUMENTS. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 323
Chemorheological Analysis of an Epoxy-Novolac Molding Compound. HSIEH, T.H.; WANG, T.L.; HO, K.S.; WANG, Y.Z. Feb 1, 2000 4294
Effect of Elongational Viscosity on Axisymmetric Entrance Flow of Polymers. GUPTA, MAHESH Jan 1, 2000 6803
Dielectric Spectroscopy for Polymer Melt Composition Measurements. PERUSICH, STEPHEN; MCBREARTY, MICHAEL Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2000 7301
LITERATURE Hardware/Software. Brief Article Dec 22, 1999 467
In Line Study of Droplet Deformation in Polymer Blends in Channel Flow. MIGLER, K. B.; HOBBIE, E. K.; QIAO, F. Nov 1, 1999 5840
Structural, rheological, and mechanical properties of ternary blends of PEN, PET, and liquid crystalline polymer. Kyotani, Mutsumasa; Saeed, Akhtar Aug 1, 1999 3666
Extensional flow of polymeric dispersions. Bourry, D.; Godbille, F.; Khayat, R.E.; Luciani, A.; Picot, J.; Utracki, L.A. Jun 1, 1999 6143
Modeling of structured polyblend flow in a laminar shear field. Bousmina, M.; Palierne, J.F.; Utracki, L.A. Jun 1, 1999 4615
Flow induced deformation of dual-phase continuity in polymer blends and alloys. Lyngaae-Jorgensen, J.; Rasmussen, K. Lunde; Chtcherbakovav, E.A.; Utracki, L.A. Jun 1, 1999 7425
Shear viscosity of nylon 6 melts reinforced with microfibrous calcium silicate hydrate. Tanaka, Hideho; Watanabe, Kunio May 1, 1999 2016
Characterization of the lubricant layer formed at the interface between the extrudate and the die wall during the extrusion of high density polyethylene and fluoroelastomer blends by XPS, SIMS and SEM. Lo, Horace Ho-Kei; Chan, Chi-Ming; Zhu, Shui-Han Apr 1, 1999 4004
A model for the zero shear viscosity. Locati, G.; Pegoraro, M.; Nichetti, D. Apr 1, 1999 3791
Quantitative Trait Loci for Flour Viscosity in Winter Wheat. Udall, J. A.; Souza, E.; Anderson, J.; Sorrells, M. E.; Zemetra, R. S. Jan 1, 1999 4118
A hybrid 3d/2d finite element technique for polymer processing operations. Yu, Yun-Wey; Liu, Ta-Jo; Hsu, Chaug-Liang; Yang, Yeon-Sheug Jan 1, 1999 4550
An unsteady multifluid flow model: application to sandwich injection molding process. Schlatter, G; Agassant, J.F.; Davidoff, A.; Vincent, M. Jan 1, 1999 4613
Numerical simulation of three-dimensional viscoelastic flow within dies. Kihara, S.; Gouda, T.; Matsunaga, K.; Funatsu, K. Jan 1, 1999 3620
Now one instrument can test high- & low-shear viscosity. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Dec 1, 1998 558
Transient elongational viscosity of LLDPE/LDPE blends and its relevance to bubble stability in the film blowing process. Micic, P.; Bhattacharya, S.N.; Field, G. Oct 1, 1998 3243
Steady shear and dynamic properties of biodegradable polyesters. Ramkumar, D.H.S.; Bhattacharya, M. Sep 1, 1998 5237
Evaluation of rheological properties of non-Newtonian fluids in internal mixers: an alternative method based on the power law model. Mallette, J. Guillen; Soberanis, R. Rios Sep 1, 1998 3888
An experimental study on the effect of polymer viscoelasticity on layer rearrangement in coextruded structures. Dooley, Joseph; Hyun, Kun Sup; Hughes, Kevin Jul 1, 1998 3736
Numerical simulation of multi-layer flow for polymer melts - a study of the effect of viscoelasticity on interface shape of polymers within dies. Matsunaga, K.; Kajiwara, T.; Funatsu, K. Jul 1, 1998 4086
Extrusion of PE/PS blends with supercritical carbon dioxide. Lee, Minhee; Tzoganakis, Costas; Park, Chul B. Jul 1, 1998 4189
Prediction of equilibrium polymer blend morphology in dispersed two-phase flow and comparison with experiment. Han, Chang Dae; Sun, Junsuo; Chuang, Hsiao-Ken; Lee, Je Kyun Jul 1, 1998 6046
A systematic approach for the design of a spiral mandrel die. Huang, Chung-Ching Apr 1, 1998 4550
Shear viscosity of rubber modified thermoplastics: dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers and ABS resins at very low stress. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. Apr 1, 1998 2261
Shear viscosity of carbon black filled polypropylene at very low shear stresses. Araki, Takumi; White, James L. Apr 1, 1998 2740
Control of polymer properties by melt vibration technology: a review. Ibar, J.P. Jan 1, 1998 13119
An integrated analysis for a coextrusion process. Chiou, Jong-Yee; Wu, Ping-Yao; Tsai, Chin-Chin; Liu, Ta-Jo Jan 1, 1998 5085
Optimized data collection for determination of the MWD from the viscosity data of polymer melts. Liu, Yongming; Shaw, Montgomery T.; Tuminello, William H. Jan 1, 1998 2862
The viscosity reducing effects of very low concentrations of a thermotropic copolyester in a matrix of HDPE. Whitehouse, C.; Lu, X.H.; Gao, P.; Chai, C.K. Dec 1, 1997 6945
A model for the non-isothermal viscoelastic behavior of polymers. Drozdov, Aleksey D. Dec 1, 1997 8735
Effect of reactor type on polymer product: a backmix reactor for polymerizations and other viscous reaction media. Lu, Y.; Biesenberger, J.A. Jun 1, 1997 3493
Particle tracking and liquid flow. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Mar 29, 1997 267
The effect of the polymer melt viscosity. Goot, A.J. van der; Hettema, R.; Janssen, L.P.B.M. Mar 1, 1997 4458
Monitoring process viscosities with a new on-line rheometer. Todd, D.B.; Gogos, C.G.; Esseghir, M.; Yu, D.-W.; Widagdo, S. Mar 1, 1997 1264
In the thick of things. Demetrakakes, Pan Jan 1, 1997 1133
Innovations in curemeter and Mooney viscometer technology. Sullivan, Alfred B. Jan 1, 1997 4535
A comparison between apparent viscosity and dynamic complex viscosity for polypropylene/maleated polypropylene blends. Li, Shucai; Jarvela, Pentti K.; Jarvela, Pirkko A. Jan 1, 1997 2266
Viscosity measurement of polycarbonate by using a penetration viscometer. Yang, Fuqian Jan 1, 1997 1630
Chemorheology of poly(urethane/isocyanurate) formation. Sun, Xiudong; Toth, James; Lee, L. James Jan 1, 1997 4458
Incorporation of density relaxation in the analysis of residual stresses in molded parts. Ghoneim, H.; Hieber, C.A. Jan 1, 1997 5471
Closed loop viscosity control of reactive extrusion with an in-line rheometer. Broadhead, T.O.; Patterson, W.I.; Dealy, J.M. Dec 15, 1996 5435
An experimental study and model assessment of polymer sintering. Bellehumeur, C.T.; Bisaria, M.K.; Vlachopoulos, J. Sep 15, 1996 4804
Effect of constitutive models on the numerical simulation of viscoelastic flow at an entry region. Loh, K.W.L.; Tay, A.A.O.; Teoh, S.H. Aug 15, 1996 3960
Computer simulation of weld lines in injection molded poly(methyl methacrylate). Dairanieh, I.S.; Haufe, A.; Wolf, H.J.; Mennig, G. Aug 15, 1996 4677
Chemorheology of a highly filled epoxy compound. Spoelstra, A.B.; Peters, G.W.M.; Meijer, H.E.H. Aug 1, 1996 4885
A constitutive model for nonlinear viscoelastic behavior of polymers. Drozdov, A.D.; Kalamkarov, A.L. Jul 1, 1996 7944
Basic studies of blow molding of talc-thermoplastic compounds. Suh, Chang Ho; White, James L. Jun 15, 1996 3217
Viscosity ratio effects in the compounding of low viscosity, immiscible fluids into polymeric matrices. Scott, Chris E.; Joung, Sandra K. Jun 1, 1996 5428
Contribution of polyalkyl(meth)acrylates to the design of PVC melt viscosity. Vankan, R.; Fayt, R.; Jerome, R.; Teyssie, Ph. Jun 1, 1996 5401
Evaluating dynamic properties of polymeric isolators. Luo, D.Z. May 1, 1996 1439
Predicting the effect of viscosity ratios on the mixing of polymer blends using the boundary element method. Stradins, Linards; Osswald, Tim A. Apr 15, 1996 2778
Numerical simulation of viscoelastic polymer flow - effects of secondary flows on multilayer coextrusion. Dooley, Joseph; Dietsche, Laura Apr 1, 1996 2510
Liquid crystalline polymer blends with stabilized viscosity. Wei, K.H.; Kiss, G. Mar 15, 1996 2520
Competition between textural transitions and pressure effects on the viscosity of thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers. Izu, Pilar; Munoz, M. Eugenia; Pena, Juan Jose; Santamaria, Anton Mar 15, 1996 5779
Leveling under controlled conditions. Kojima, Shunji; Moriga, Toshinori; Takenouchi, Ken Dec 15, 1995 550
Effects of film thickness. Kojima, Shunji; Moriga, Toshinori; Takenouchi, Ken Dec 15, 1995 523
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