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Viscosity-Measurement System.

The Dynatrol Viscosity System from Automation Products is said to provide fast, precise viscosity measurements for a wide variety of applications, including plastics, chemicals, inks, paper, paints, coatings, and foods. Using vibratory principals, the viscosity-measurement system provides continuous measurement at on-line process conditions, according to the manufacturer. The system comprises two components: a viscosity probe, either in-line or standalone; and an analog converter.

The Dynatrol Viscosity Probe utilizes a vibrating rod immersed in the processing media. Its design being without recesses, packing, or wearing parts, says Automation Products, the probe is "virtually wear-free, ensuring a long operating life." Available in stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, the probe reportedly can operate in ranges as high as 100,000 centipoise. It is said to have a standard pressure rating of 1000 psi and a standard temperature range up to 300[degrees]F with higher pressure and temperature ratings available to meet specific needs.

The Analog Converter operates with all Dynatrol Viscosity Probes, says the manufacturer, converting the probe's signal into a 4-20 mA standard output, with other outputs available. The Model EC-313 is available for applications requiring temperature compensation.

The Viscosity Stand Alone package is available for applications in which an in-line viscometer is not practical.
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