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Virtualization extends desktop capacity.

VirtuaCore Desktop Virtualization Computer Sharing from Black Box Network Services, Lawrence, Pa., and Fiddlehead Inc., Syracuse, N.Y., uses the excess capacity of a single dual- or quad-core central processing unit (CPU) to simultaneously operate multiple fully functioning workstations.


For a dual-core processor, the software can divide a single PC into two separate, independent units controlled by two separate, directly connected keyboards, mice, and monitors. The quad-core version provisions a single machine into four individual virtual containers; four users can share the same CPU tower. The operating system has direct access to the CPU and memory of each virtual machine, reducing process slowdowns characteristic of an emulated virtual machine. To further reduce lag time, individual applications are loaded onto each virtual machine. Each virtual computer also has its own Internet protocol and media access control address, and can be monitored. According to its inventors, VirtuaCore can save up to 60% on hardware costs and between 60 to 70% on energy costs.

* Black Box Network Services,

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