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These CD-ROMs provide links to web pages that allow you to access the PowerPoint presentations and audio from the original broadcasts. You can either watch them online or download the files to your computer. Internet access is required. Site Licenses are $1,500 List; $1,000 Members. See page 28 for details. The Site License Item Number is the Item Number with the word 'SITE' immediately following.
Category Title

Corrugated Centerlining the Flexo Folder Gluer & Rotary Die
Packaging Determining the Value of Bi-Annual Corrugated
 Engineering Audits to Your Operations
 Develop Best Run Settings and Create Formula Cards
 Effective Corrugated Roll Maintenance &
 Increased Profits Through Centerlining Your
 Understanding and Implementing 'Time & Register'
Engineering & Improving Profitability With Lean Manufacturing: Run
Utilities Faster, Run Smarter, Run Lean!
 Application of Supply Chain Concepts Within the Pulp &
 Paper Industry
 Root Cause Analysis for Operations and Maintenance
 Personnel: Part 1
 Root Cause Analysis for Operations and Maintenance
 Personnel: Part 2
General Interest Capturing and Sustaining Value Through Strategic
 Sourcing Part I: Strategic Sourcing: Buzz Words or
 Best Practices
 Capturing and Sustaining Value Through Strategic
 Sourcing Part II: Implementing Strategic Sourcing in
 Your Organization
 China 101: Fundamentals for Building Your Business in
Paper Coating, Developing Future Digital Papers: Part I: Digital
Printing & Printing: Introduction and Overview
Graphic Arts Developing Future Digital Papers: Part II: Dry and
 Liquid Electrophotography
 Developing Future Digital Papers: Part III: Ink Jet
 Printing and Future Considerations in Digital
 Printing Technologies
 Basic Principles of Print Mottle--Pressroom
 Challenges, Ink/Paper/Coating Chemistry, Mottle
 Testing, and Print Trial Case Study, Part I
 Print Mottle; Troubleshooting for Coated Paper Grades,
 Part II
Papermaking Paper Machine Audits
 Paper Machine Troubleshooting: Tools to Maximize
 Profitability and Runnability
 Retention Aids: Why, What and How Series, Part I:
 Getting the Retention You Deserve--How to Deal With
 Low or Variable Retention of Fines, Fillers and
 Retention Aids: Why, What and How Series, Part II:
 Polymers and Charged Additives--Using Them to Meet
 Your Retention Goals
 Retention Aids: Why, What and How Series, Part III:
 Microparticles--Introducing a Way to Improve
 Retention and Drainage
PLACE Challenges of Web Handling and Winding
 Historical and Forecast Trends of Decorative Overlay
 Materials in North America
 Recommended Surface Activation Systems for Optimizing
 Adhesion to Polymers
 Troubleshooting Baggy Web
 Troubleshooting Gel Problems in Your Extrusion
Pulp/Wood Minimizing Your Costs for Recovered Paper, Part I
Products Minimizing Your Costs for Recovered Paper, Part II
 Cost Savings Opportunities With Partial Borate
Safety Confined Space Rescue Teams Are You in Compliance?
 Selecting the Right Personal Protective Equipment for
 ARC Flash

Category Item# List Member

Corrugated FLEXVS-04 $375 $175
Packaging VALUEVS-04 $375 $175
 BESTVS-04 $375 $175
 ROLLVS-04 $375 $175
 CENTERVS-04 $375 $175
 TIMEVS-04 $375 $175
Engineering & LMANFVS-03 $375 $175
Utilities SCCVS-03 $375 $175
 ROOT1VS-04 $375 $175
 ROOT2VS-04 $375 $175
General Interest SOURCEIVS-03 $375 $175
 SOURCEIVS-03 $375 $175
 C101VS-03 $375 $175
Paper Coating, DIGIVS-03 $375 $175
Printing & DIGIIVS-03 $375 $175
Graphic Arts DIGIIIVS-03 $375 $175
 MOTTLE1VS-04 $375 $175
 MOTTLE2VS-04 $375 $175
Papermaking AUDITSVS-03 $375 $175
 PMTVS-03 $375 $175
 DESERWS-04 $375 $175
 GOALS1VS-04 $375 $175
 MICROVS-04 $375 $175
 DOMVS-03 $375 $175
 SURFACEVS-04 $375 $175
 BAGGYVS-04 $375 $175
 GELVS-04 $375 $175
Pulp/Wood RECYCLE1VS-04 $375 $175
Products RECYCLE2VS-04 $375 $175
 COSTVS-03 $375 $175
Safety CONFINEVS-03 $375 $175
 ARCVS-03 $375 $175
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Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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