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Virtual communities provide a great way to connect with ONS colleagues.

The ONS Virtual Communities are located in the Membership area of the ONS Web site at www.ons .org/member ship/chapters .shtml. This page is the gateway to the ONS Chapter, Student, and Diversity Virtual Communities as well as focus groups and special interest groups (SIGs).

In the Chapters Virtual Community (, general information applicable to all 228 ONS chapters can be found. You can learn how to start a chapter, view chapter resources, and complete pertinent chapter documents. Specific chapter virtual communities also can be viewed.

For valuable information about SIGs, including information on starting or joining a SIG, as well as a multitude of additional resources, visit the SIGs Virtual Community ( SIGs facilitate networking and idea exchange among ONS members in subspecialty areas. Currently, ONS has 30 SIGs.

The ONS Focus Group Directory ( groups.shtml) lists each focus group along with the respective coordinator's contact information. Members who are interested in joining one of these groups can contact the Membership and Leadership Team at the ONS National Office ( or the appropriate focus group coordinator listed in the directory. All ONS members are eligible to join.

The Student Virtual Community ( provides a wealth of information to assist students in their academic careers as well as their transition into oncology nursing.

The ONS Diversity Virtual Community ( is devoted to diversity as it relates to oncology nurses, patients with cancer and their families, workplaces, and the community. An abundance of programs and information geared toward increased opportunities for learning, networking, and contributing to the diversity of the oncology nursing profession can be found here.

Finally, don't forget to check out the ONS list serves, accessible via the ONS Web site at http://listserv The list serves are provided as a forum for members to exchange information related to various oncology topics. Anyone can view the list serves on the ONS Web site; however, to post information, one must be an ONS member with an ONS profile. ONS members are also eligible to receive e-mail updates when new messages are posted.

By Deborah Braccia, RN, MPA, OCN[R] Editor, ONS Web site
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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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