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Virospack SLU.


The Dropper Company



VIROSPACK is the world leading developer and manufacturer of cosmetic dropper packs for skin, hair and nail treatments and cosmetics, and liquid foundation.

A family owned company with a long professional trajectory that is now celebrating 60 years developing and producing droppers for the most well-known beauty brands worldwide.

Known for its quality in production and service, Virospack offers a wide range of standards easy to customise, as well as client specific designs.

Unique features like the combination of manufacturing and decoration of components and processes operated under one roof.


Virospack is a company dedicated to continuous improvement, while investing in new materials, facilities, designs, finishes, moulds and decoration techniques, for the demanding markets. A company committed to design and innovation, always backed by its R&D department and technical team, Virospack develops new proposals every year trendsetting the cosmetic droppers market.


High and medium end skincare, nail and hair care and make up markets, worldwide.


* Classic and push button droppers for skin, hair and nail treatments.

* Spatula packs for foundation testers, viscous oils and dramming kits.

* DuoMix package for mixing powder and liquid (vitamin C, whitening).

* Promotional droppers and tubular glass bottles from 3-7ml for serums or oils.

* Make-up - liquid foundation packaging, bottle, dropper and wiper.

SHOWS 2017

* PCD in Paris. January 2017.

* COSMETECH in Tokyo. January 2017.

* LUXE PACK New York. May 2017.

* MAKE UP in Seoul. April 2017.

* MAKEUP in Paris. June 2017.

* COSMOPROF ASIA. November 2017


Moulded glass bottle range high quality and heavy weight. Two models, slim and wide, 30 and 1 5ml of capacity. All compatible with our droppers.

Metallized bulbs. A qualitative and premium look playing with trendsetter finish for brand personalization, thanks to the metallization process of rubber bulbs.

The first real autofill dropper.

An innovative dispenser pack with a bulb inside that has a patented automatic autofill system for a precise formula in-take and a premium closure control.

Specific range of droppers for hair care. A line of classic droppers with rubber bulb that provides a larger formula in-take capacity 0.8--1.7ml. Unisex and professional style thanks to the cap designs and bigger diameter and to the silk screened pipettes with graduation.

Texturized droppers. A

new high-tech engraving technique in the mould cavities that allows us to play with the design at different depths. A new 3D technology for a 3D texture with microreliefs on the surface.

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