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Virginia gun sales jump.

Firearms sales in Virginia soared during the first 4 1/2 months of this year - an increase of more than 20 percent over the same period in 1992, according to Virginia State Police officials.

A recent article in the Washington Times stated that more than 68,000 gun sales bad been reported through mid-May to the Virginia State Police, which conducts background checks on each buyer. Lt. Robert Vass, who oversees the background checks, said that compares with about 56,400 purchases for the same period last year.

Police officials insisted that the surge in sales cannot be linked to the "one-handgun-a-month" law that went into effect in Virginia on July 1.

Virginia gun dealers told the Times that, while gun sales have been good, customers also have been complaining about the new law that makes it a misdemeanor to buy more than one handgun a month without state police permission.

"They think it's ridiculous," said Dale Friesz, owner of The Loading Bench in Annandale, Va.

Mitch May, a manager at Clark Brothers gunshop in Warrenton, Va., said many of his customers are confused by the new law and that he doesn't believe it will do anything to stem the supposed guns-for-drugs trade that the anti-gunners claim flourishes in Virginia.
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Author:Schneider, Jim
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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