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Viper Industries Answers Government's Call for Security Measures.

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TACOMA, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 19, 2001

Since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, government officials are looking to technology for a solution, and Viper Industries Group Incorporated is answering the call.

"The terrorist attacks provide leverage for unparalleled security and the widespread use of monitoring technology for virtually anyone who owns a computer," said Steve B. Bowhey, president of Viper Industries Group Incorporated. "The content-filtering programs available can easily be sidestepped by computer savvy individuals who know how to maneuver around the filters."

The answer, Bowhey said, is a comprehensive security-monitoring program that has the ability to view and record all computer activity.

"Research proves inside hacking represents almost 70 percent of all malicious attacks and causes $1 billion in damages each year to US businesses," Bowhey said. "Since the use of computer networks, email, and the Internet, these numbers are steadily increasing. That's why we developed the most sophisticated security software available today."

Bowhey said the security systems developed by Viper Industries Group Incorporated is designed for use in all settings to include homes, businesses, corporations, government, libraries, and schools.

Viper Industries Group Incorporated offers two monitoring software programs to fit the needs of the most sophisticated system. The eNFILTRATOR Black Box computer monitoring software is the most comprehensive security program available on the market today. Black Box will record all computer activity, including what programs were accessed and for how long, user names, date, time, keystrokes and more. Black Box also has the option of running in complete stealth mode with numerous options, and offers a home version as well.

"If someone is thinking about giving out vital information, or prying into secure files, Black Box will record every move making it quite simple for authorities to prosecute," Bowhey said. "Security is paramount in today's society - even government officials are now investigating computer records to find out if terrorists used email to communicate with one another. This movement is gaining momentum in the corporate world where cyber cafes and remote networking are gaining popularity."

Viper Industries Group Incorporated has also developed the Stealth Computer Hidden Environment Monitoring Application (SCHEMA), the first non-intrusive computer monitoring software program designed specifically to optimize employee

productivity while retaining the individual's privacy.

"With SCHEMA employers can monitor productivity while preserving their employees privacy," Bowhey said. SCHEMA allows employers to obtain detailed, printable reports on computer usage. What they won't get is the private keystrokes of their employees."

One third of 14 million American workers and more than 75 percent of major US businesses with Internet access now have their computer activity monitored daily by employers. In addition, that number is rising according to the Privacy Foundation, a Denver-based non-profit agency that recently completed a study on workplace surveillance.

Viper Industries Group Incorporated products are used effectively in numerous businesses and homes nationally and internationally to include law enforcement agencies, federal government agencies, libraries, universities and corporations. Viper Industries Group Incorporated offers a free trial version of eNFILTRATOR ( or SCHEMA (

"Companies, corporations, homes, libraries, government offices, and universities need to be prepared," Bowhey said. "Perhaps with such programs in place, the tragedy of Sept. 11 will never be repeated."
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 19, 2001
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