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Violent story is wafer thin; DVDs.



VERDICT: *****

FOR the second time in five years, Hollywood is back with another expensive Hulk movie - and who would have thought that after Ang Lee's version with Eric Bana flopped in 2003?

Ed Norton, who has yet to live up to the career expectations of his double Oscar nominations for Primal Fear and American History X, is the genetically-modified Dr Bruce Banner. He's now living quietly in Brazil where tummyrippling breathing exercises are a form of anger management.

Directed by Louis LeTerrier (The Transporter/Danny the Dog), the violent story is wafer thin.

With the special effects overshadowing Norton's ability, and with Tim Roth not really convincing as hot-head serviceman Emil Blonksy, only those prepared for a movie that's more suited to a video game will really warm to it.

As well as voicing the monster, look out for a cameo from 1978-82 TV series star Lou Ferrigno as a security guard.

The late Bill Bixby, who played Banner in the cult series, appears in a TV snippet from the sitcom The Courtship Of Eddie's Father.

Also available to buy for pounds 19.99 - or as a pounds 24.99 two-disc DVD (Blu-ray pounds 24.99). Extras on both formats include a 'Becoming the Hulk' featurette and an alternative opening.


VERDICT: *****

SET in Mexico, this hammy thriller features a bunch of holidaymakers visiting a remote Mayan site of archaeological interest.

Think of Kevin Bacon's Tremors crossed with Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, then up the violence and infuse with shades of The Day of the Triffids.

As an antidote to the recent tidal wave of 'torture porn' movies, I quite enjoyed this adults only, devilishly-stupid journey into the undergrowth thanks to mischievous lines like 'Cut zem off'.

Cinematography is by Se7en's Darius Khondji, but be warned - this is not for the squeamish.

Also available to buy for pounds 17.99, the extras include deleted scenes with optional director commentary and a previously unseen alternative ending.


VERDICT: *****

WHILE all the attention was on Sex and the City in the late spring, this cracking French movie slipped out of Brum as quietly as it had arrived.

French star Audrey Tautou (The Da Vinci Code) is on delightful form as Irene, a tidy-looking, label-obsessedmoney-grabber who's staying at a luxury Biarritz hotel with a sugar daddy. Shy but smartly-dressed bartender Jean (Gad Elmaleh) can only envy the rich guests until Irene mistakes him as another millionaire to pick on.

Made as long ago as 2006, Priceless is a beautifully-shot, joyous romp and should be overlooked no longer.

Also available to buy for pounds 19.99, the extras include four deleted scenes.


Verdict: X

IN THE current knife-crime climate, this unwarranted sequel to Kidulthood is about as essential to your life as a hole in the head.

It's set six years later and freed killer Sam (Noel Clarke) is going back home.

But you just know he'll soon be challenged in more ways than one and that the film will be hideously-violent.

Also available to buy for pounds 19.99 (Blu-Ray pounds 24.99), the extras include a regional tour featurette and deleted scenes.
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Date:Oct 11, 2008
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