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Violence troubles all teens.

VIOLENT television or video game images can affect the brains of non-aggressive people, research has shown.

A study of teenagers has found that part of the brain involved in decision-making and self-control was impaired by exposure to violent scenes.

And this did not just apply to those with a history of violent and disruptive behaviour.

Boffins tested two groups - one with kids diagnosed with behavioural difficulties and another made up of youngsters with no record of it.

The volunteers, who had been exposed to different amounts of violence, took part in concentration tests to see how the relevant part of their brains reacted.

And Professor Vincent Matthews, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, revealed: 'We found that those in the control group with high media violence exposure showed brain activation patterns similar to the aggressive group
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 13, 2005
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