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Vintage vernacular. (FREE PRESS).

Lordy! Will outdated words never die in news papers? Perhaps it's time for these terms to go the way of the manual typewriter:


(288 references from January 2000 to the end of September)

"Considering [Tiger Woods'] age and his physical training regimen, that sounds like so much poppycock, especially since by his own admission he tees it up less frequently than practically everyone."

Houston Chronicle


(9 references)

"Several years ago, a couple of yeggs climbed scaffolding and tried to steal the gilded weathervane from his church."

Boston Globe


(531 references)

"The survey with the second-highest response was bad news for [New York City Mayor Rudy] Giuliani. In that online survey, which drew about 2,000 votes, readers slammed Hizzoner 7 to 1 for his legal team's harsh attacks on Donna Hanover in the First Couple's ongoing divorce battle."

New York's Daily News

Jot and title

(42 references)

"Foreign policy-makers in the Bush administration ought to quit fussing about every jot and tittle on the agendas of international conferences and instead send high-level delegations to make our government's case."

Hartford Courant


(101 references)

"Jumpy, anxious, fussbudget Lemmon and phlegmatic, lethargic, slovenly Matthau became a household item with 1968's The Odd Couple."

Detroit News

Daily constitutional

(36 references)

"Before you leave the house to take your dog for his daily constitutional, grab a newspaper bag and when you notice little Fifi fertilizing your neighbor's yard, you'll be ready."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Circuit clouts

(7 references)

"Included were three circuit clouts off Frank Lary, a tough right-hander who was known around the A.L. as 'The Yankee Killer.'"

Providence Journal

compiled by Hanah Cho
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Publication:American Journalism Review
Date:Nov 1, 2001
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