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Vintage Point Announces the Release of Layer Cake Primitivo, aka Zinfandel, a One Hundred Percent Primitivo From 100 Year Old Vines in Puglia, Italy.

TTB Approved Label Features Primitivo as Zinfandel on Bottle

SONOMA, Calif. -- Vintage Point - Partners in Wine, the Sonoma, California-based sales, marketing and general consulting firm specializing in small, luxury wine producers, today announced that their client, Layer Cake Wines, will release an Italian Primitivo, aka Zinfandel, in January. In April 2002, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) proposed the name "Primitivo" as a synonym for the Zinfandel grape, based on Dr. Carole Meredith's research in 2001. En route from Puglia, Italy, the 2006 Layer Cake Primitivo is one of the few to also include "Zinfandel" on the label and will only be distributed in the United States.

"Today's notable announcement acknowledges Dr. Meredith's great research proving that Primitivo is Zinfandel, and allows Winemaker Jayson Woodbridge to truly represent the actual fruit from this special vineyard in Puglia, Italy," said Vintage Point President David Biggar. "As a result Vintage Point can now bring this very special wine to our distribution network and ultimately to consumers so they can enjoy the historical significance of the wine."

"In many ways, this wine pays homage to Dr. Meredith and her journey to Croatia to research the origin of Zinfandel," said Winemaker Jayson Woodbridge. "It's been an honor for me to be allowed access to these great vineyards in Italy so that I can make a wine not only synonymous with this place, but a Primitivo I can also call Zinfandel," he continued.

Filled with ancient history, these one hundred year old Primitivo vineyards are in Manduria in Puglia, Italy, which was part of the original Enotria. Once a sea bed, it is not uncommon to come upon sea shells among the deep red soil and gnarly vines, which are head pruned and produce very low yields. What's more, the vineyards date back 2000 years and were originally planted by the Greeks to other grape varieties popular at the time. Dr. Carole Meredith was the University of California, Davis geneticist who pioneered the use of DNA typing to differentiate between Vitis Vinifera grape varieties, and is responsible for proving that Zinfandel, Primitivo and Crljenak Kastelanski are identical. She is now retired from academia and grows world-class Syrah in Napa Valley with her husband, Stephen Lagier, under the Lagier Meredith label.

Layer Cake Wines demonstrate Jayson Woodbridge's vision of crafting wines based on his own personal experiences and journeys with people and vineyards around the globe. "My grandfather made and enjoyed wine for 80 years," said Jayson Woodbridge. "He told me the soils in which the vines lived were a layer cake. If properly made, the wine from these vines was like a delicious cake layered with fruit, mocha, chocolate and hints of spice - and rich, always rich. 'Never pass up a good Layer Cake,' he would say. I have always loved those words. Now I get to apply this knowledge to my own experiences in these various lands."

Distributed throughout the United States by Vintage Point, the Layer Cake wines are rich, lush and complex expressions of unique varietals from places where winemaker Jayson Woodbridge and his team feel they cannot be recreated or replicated. These locations have a sense of history and family, and the Layer Cake Wines symbolize time, terroir and something that can only be hand made. Every Layer Cake wine is a true and distinct reflection of the farmers, the land and Jayson Woodbridge's own style of winemaking. In addition to the one hundred percent Old Vine Primitivo from Puglia, Italy, there is a Shiraz from the Barossa Valley in Australia, which was the first release of the Layer Cake collection last year. The collection also includes a Cotes Du Rhone from the Rhone Valley in France that will release in January, and a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina releasing in March.

"Because these delicious wines are a unique expression of their origins, they are also very limited in their release, and Vintage Point is thrilled to be able to bring this special offering to consumers," said Vintage Point President David Biggar. "We saw the Layer Cake Shiraz sell out in one week and we have every indication that this Primitivo (aka Zinfandel) will do exactly the same."

All wines are at a suggested retail price of $17.99, and are available in limited quantities. With the January release of Primitivo, along with a Syrah from the Cote Du Rhone and the Argentine Malbec from Mendoza, Layer Cake ventures beyond Australia and the original Barossa Valley Shiraz. As a result, Jayson is realizing his vision of Layer Cake Wines representing countries, people and traditions of craftsmanship. For more information on Layer Cake wines visit

Formed in March 2006, Vintage Point offers a full range of winery services and a national sales and marketing team that specialize in channel management, placing luxury wines in the optimal retail and restaurant outlets. Vintage Point's domestic and international clients include Luna Vineyards, Arnold Palmer Wines, Jayson Woodbridge's Hundred Acre, Gold and Layer Cake Wines, JM Cellars, Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards and Winery, Stonecap Wines, Mason Cellars, John's Blend and Joseph Carr Vineyards. The three partners, David Biggar, President, Tom Peterson, Chief Operating Officer, and Teresa Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer emphasize that "Partners in Wine" signifies not only their own partnership, but the many partnerships they have formed with the luxury wine trade.

Vintage Point is located at 564 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 94576 and can be reached via phone (707) 939-6766, fax (707) 939-6765 or email: The Company's website is
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