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Village people: should you really visit these towns just because they have gay mayors?

Gay Mayor: John Shields

Town: Nyack, N.Y.

Why Bother? Rosie O'Donnell lives here in a 22-room mansion called Pretty Penny.

Gay Mayor: Willie Marshall

Town: Big Water, Utah

Why Bother? Ten percent of its of 423 people are polygamists (another 10% gay?).

Gay Mayor: Klaus Wowereit

Town: Berlin

Why Bother? The world's first gay rights group started here in 1897.

Gay Mayor: John Duran

Town: West Hollywood, Calif.

Why Bother? Carved out of greater Los Angeles in 1984, this gayest of gay cities just turned 20.

Gay Mayor: Ron Oden

Town: Palm Springs, Calif.

Why Bother? Nexus of circuit parties, senior citizens, over 30,000 swimming pools, and Tammy Faye.

Gay Mayor: Dan Stewart

Town: Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Why Bother? Go fish! The largest freshwater beach in the United States is on Lake Champlain.

Gay Mayor: Bertrand Delanoe

Town: Paris

Why Bother? Mayor Delanoe dumps tons of sand on banks of the Seine every summer, creating the Paris Beach.

Gay Mayor: Rosario Crocetta

Town: Gela, Sicily, Italy

Why Bother? Though the mafia oredered a hit on Crocetta in 2004, this land of ancient temples, Toscanini, and tiramisu is still a hit.

Gay Mayor: David Cicilline

Town: Providence, R.I.

Why Bother? Miss Kitty Litter rules the cool at Dark Lady, Providence's swankiest gay club.
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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