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Marriage proposals: while the attitudes of many Americans about gays are changing, recent court rulings, weddings, and proposals to amend the Constitution have started a difficult national debate on gay marriage. Apr 5, 2004 897
Church & state: a 200-year debate continues: when Joshua Davey lost a state scholarship because he majored in theology, he took his case all the way to Supreme Court. Oct 13, 2003 2113
New pronouns for some old parchment. Sep 22, 2003 118
Madness recall: a circus-like election to recall California's Governor is either democracy in action or--as some critics worry--the beginning of its descent into chaos. Sep 22, 2003 2076
The parties face off: Bush supporters say young people will help turn the President's popularity into an era of Republican rule. But polls show the country is still closely divided. Sep 1, 2003 2668
Volunteers for war: two American heroes show how the military reflects the nation's population, economy, and ethnic changes. (National). May 9, 2003 1854
War in Iraq: America's second major military action since 9/11 could reshape U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East. U.S. officials hope the risks of going to war pay off. (America At War). Apr 18, 2003 2691
The fight for peace. Mar 28, 2003 1470
Preparing for the deluge: Saddam Hussein forced hundreds of thousands to give up their homes and land. Their return could bring a humanitarian crisis. Mar 7, 2003 1930
What the world thinks America: anti-Americanism is growing, but many still admire the U.S. Feb 21, 2003 1802
Taking aim at raves: promoters say the all-night parties are for dancing. Opponents say they're havens for illegal drugs like ecstasy. Brief Article Feb 21, 2003 444
Burning the Mideast oil: it fuels your car, and is the raw material for everything from CDs and jet fuel to shower curtains and the nylon in your socks. American life depends on a resource that's out of our control. Feb 7, 2003 2170
What about alternative energy? New power sources and conservation could curb America's dependence on foreign oil. But it would require government help. Feb 7, 2003 814
Three strikes and you're in for life: stealing so much as a slice of pizza can mean life in prison under a controversial law. Is it fair? The Supreme Court will decide. Jan 24, 2003 1917
U.S. closing the door on immigrants: new security measures prompted by fears of terrorism are pushing away immigrants and refugees. Jan 10, 2003 2078
The new shape of civil liberties: in the post-9/11 world, Americans are under more scrutiny and surveillance than ever before. How far should civil-liberties protections be bent to prevent terrorism? Dec 13, 2002 1997
Green light for the president: the nation takes a turn: the midterm elections put Republicans in the driver's seat, on the road toward dramatic change. (National). Nov 22, 2002 1469
The midterm elections: its showtime: once again, the Democrats and the Republicans wrangle for control. (National). Nov 1, 2002 1814
Debugging the ballot: counting votes should be easy. But counting millions is another matter. And when the system breaks down, the failures can be spectacular. (National). Nov 1, 2002 939
Weighing the case against Iraq. (National). Oct 18, 2002 2535
Cooking the books: an outbreak of corporate greed has shaken the economy, evaporated trillions in value from the market, and altered millions of American lives. (National). Cover Story Sep 27, 2002 1570
Bush's midterms: neither Bush nor Democratic leader Tom Daschle are on the November ballot. But they might as well be. (National). Sep 6, 2002 2178
Smoked out: teen cigarette use is dropping. Why? Credit a combination of advertising restrictions, higher prices, and the "Truth." (National). May 6, 2002 1991
Expanded drug tests in schools? The Supreme Court considers whether more students should be checked. (National). May 6, 2002 1198
Advertising's sneak: advertisers are going to new lengths to hook you--burying their messages in your games, on Web sites, even in your friends at school. (National)(Cover Story). Apr 8, 2002 1959
The great Enron disappearing act: who is responsible for the biggest business scandal in a generation? Where did all the money go? Everyone from the public to Congress wants answers. (National). Mar 11, 2002 2536
Attacking the "axis of evil": with activity in Afghanistan winding down, the U.S. ponders targets from Africa to Asia. (International). Mar 11, 2002 1781
The big slide: as the U.S. economy rolls downhill into a recession, many people are feeling the hurt in lost jobs and budget cutbacks. Will the good times return? (National). Feb 11, 2002 1546
Going global: are poor nations getting a fair deal on free trade? Brief Article Feb 11, 2002 401
Propaganda & spinning the news: truth has been called the first casualty of war. Is it now? (International). Dec 10, 2001 1752
Worldwide news. Brief Article Dec 10, 2001 676
Arrested liberties? In the wake of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, government proposals for increased surveillance to disrupt terrorist networks have collided with some of America's most cherished civil liberties. How far should our nation go in trading personal freedoms for safety? (National). Cover Story Nov 12, 2001 2093
Why do they hate America? Americans see themselves as the good guys, but anger at the U.S. seethes in large parts of the world. And it's not without some explanation. (National). Oct 15, 2001 1944
SHATTERED HOPE. Sep 17, 2001 3123
AMERICAN FRY. May 14, 2001 3242
WHEN WILL IT END? Apr 16, 2001 2886
VIEW TO A THRILL. Apr 2, 2001 1206
Fox's Hunt. Brief Article Feb 5, 2001 512
VOTER BLACKOUT? Jan 15, 2001 633
THE NEW REBELS. Jan 1, 2001 2533
In the Line of Fire. Dec 11, 2000 2247
THE PRE-GAME PRAYER VS. THE LAW. Nov 27, 2000 2244
INTO OVERTIME. Nov 13, 2000 1070
Eye for an Eye. Nov 13, 2000 1634
The Real Fresh Prince. Oct 30, 2000 2480
THE Scorecard. Statistical Data Included Oct 16, 2000 1905
Innocent on Death Row. Sep 18, 2000 2960
The New Nuclear Threat. Sep 4, 2000 1922
The Games Began Twice--in Greece. Brief Article Sep 4, 2000 172
Sometimes It's True: Winning Isn't Everything. Brief Article Sep 4, 2000 322
Wall St.'s Wild Ride. Brief Article May 8, 2000 115
New Highs, New Risks. May 8, 2000 2298
MIDEAST MUDDLE. Brief Article Mar 13, 2000 715
A BOY DIVIDED. Feb 14, 2000 1134
Money Matters. Dec 13, 1999 2022
FAITH VERSUS SCIENCE. Oct 4, 1999 1139

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