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Viewtrade Selects Intira Over Co-Location and Telco Vendors as Outsourcing Provider for Global Trading Enabler Application.

Expects First-Year Cost Savings of at Least $500,000 to $1 million

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ --

Intira Corporation has won a multi-year contract exceeding $1 million to provide a Netsourcing solution to support ViewTrade's Global Trading Enabler, one of the Internet's first business-to-business (b-to-b) global trade execution utilities for the financial services industry. The Intira Netsourcing solution will provide the turnkey IT and network infrastructure and related engineering resources required to run, monitor, and manage ViewTrade's Web-based Global Trading Enabler application with high availability.

ViewTrade chose Intira over co-location and telco vendors because of Intira's experience in providing comprehensive, fully managed Netsourcing solutions that include a full suite of security services, which is a critical requirement for the deployment of financial services offerings on the Internet. In addition, ViewTrade expects to save at least $500,000 to $1 million during the first year alone, just by eliminating the need to hire technical personnel to run, manage, and monitor its complex application, as well as further potential cost savings resulting from eliminating the need to install, integrate, implement, and maintain IT/network infrastructure in-house.

"The co-location and telco vendors claimed they could provide Netsourcing, but they clearly didn't have Intira's experience delivering total, reliable, fully managed, secure Netsourcing solutions with a meaningful application availability guarantee -- and we didn't want to be their 'guinea pigs,'" said Zohar Hod, chief executive officer, ViewTrade. "Intira's Netsourcing solution includes stringent physical and electronic data security services, which are important to our customers in the financial services industry. Moreover, we believe the Netsourcing solution should more than pay for itself in the first year through expected cost savings, which we also anticipate will help us maintain and improve our current profitability."

ViewTrade's Global Trading Enabler connects financial professionals such as broker/dealers and money managers in an international online financial hub, enabling them to place trades electronically on the major U.S. stock exchanges (NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq, OTC Bulletin Board) and the major European stock exchanges (Easdaq, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Paris) with immediate order execution and financial services distribution. It enables financial professionals to execute trades electronically for clients in multiple international markets, using one account, and in the currency of choice. Global Trading Enabler allows such financial professionals to cost effectively extend the market reach for their products and services to investors around the world, while in turn allowing investors to profit from a wide array of global investment opportunities, including IPOs. Before ViewTrade, such transactions were performed over the telephone, via individual brokerages in each country, with each trade requiring several hours to execute.

Intira's Netsourcing solution offers financial services industry providers such as ViewTrade and their customers one of the industry's highest levels of electronic and physical security to ensure protection of sensitive financial or proprietary data. ViewTrade's Global Trading Enabler runs on dedicated servers to ensure data integrity, and Intira's virtual private network security services provide for secure transmission of data over the Internet. In addition, firewall and intrusion detection services help prevent and thwart potential network security threats. These services are delivered through Intira's highly secure Enterprise-Class Data Centers, which protect data from physical threat. Intira's data centers provide this physical data protection through advanced security and environmental systems including closed-circuit television cameras, entry and movement alarms, bulletproof glass, ballistic walls, biometric hand scanners, smart doors to control entry, seismic bracing, and chemical suppression fire systems.

In addition to security services, the Intira Netsourcing solution for ViewTrade includes a combination of load balancing, backup and restore, storage, professional engineering and implementation services, and Internet connectivity.

About ViewTrade

ViewTrade was founded in 1998 by a team of experienced brokers who understand investor expectations, and by a professional IT team that meets today's needs and tomorrow's challenges. ViewTrade provides financial institutions with access to the global financial markets with immediate order execution and financial services distribution. ViewTrade uses the global scope of the Internet to streamline the global investment process with fast, cost-effective, and efficient straight-through processing solutions. ViewTrade serves as an electronic financial hub, routing orders directly to the appropriate foreign market. ViewTrade does not compete with its partners and clients in local markets. ViewTrade has a strong commitment to its customers, partners, and employees. As a result of combining its high-tech nature with its established financial expertise, ViewTrade offers unique and superior products and services. ViewTrade is a member of the NASD, SIPC, and MSRB.

About Intira Corporation

Intira Corporation is a pioneer and leader in Netsourcing -- the outsourcing of the IT and network infrastructure required to support complex, mission-critical e-business applications with high availability. Intira engineers, deploys, and manages Netsourcing solutions through its technologically advanced Netsourcing infrastructure, which consists of its "lights-out" Enterprise-Class Data Centers, integrated with its own superior-quality nationwide broadband network, managed and monitored by its highly automated Service Management Centers, which are staffed by engineers representing a broad variety of technical disciplines. Direct, immediate management and control of this entire infrastructure enables Intira to provide an aggressive, all-inclusive SLA, ensuring application availability of up to 99.95 percent, as well as the OneSource-OneCall(TM) Customer Support Program, giving customers a single point of accountability across the infrastructure. Intira's customers include Fortune 1000 organizations, dot-com companies, application service providers, and independent software vendors that depend on the performance and availability of their mission-critical e-business applications. Intira is based in Pleasanton, Calif., and has offices throughout the United States and Canada. Visit Intira at, or call 888-326-3638.

NOTE: Intira Corporation has filed a trademark application for the mark "Intira." The mark OneSource-OneCall and Intira's logo are unregistered trademarks of Intira Corporation. Each trademark, trade name, or service mark of any other company appearing herein belongs to its holder.
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Date:Nov 6, 2000
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