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Views on LDC Export Development. (News and Views).

LDC exports: the global picture

"LDCs are being bypassed by the process of globalization... [but] the share of trade in GDP remains relatively high in most LDCs compared with other developing countries."

United Nations Programme of Action for the least developed countries

"The terms-of-trade of the LDCs worsened in 1998 and 1999 with a drop in commodity prices whose breadth and depth has not been seen since the early 1980s."

UNCTAD Least Developed Countries Report 2000

For a level playing field, implement LDC market access provisions

"Most important is the compliance with and implementation by the developed market economies, both in letter and in spirit, of the various URA and WTO market access provisions for the LOCs to have an even playing ground to compete internationally."

Akmal Hossain, a trade consultant from Bangladesh, in the ITC e-Discussion organized for the BEST

Going beyond: create export-friendly national policies

"Addressing trade policy alone will not create the necessary enabling environment for export development. Sound policies accompanied by a product specific sectoral action plan to give impetus to export development will create a conducive atmosphere for the exporters to perform not only efficiently but profitably."

Dawa T. Sherpa, Bhutan, in the ITC e-Discussion

"Export taxes on agricultural products penalize peasant farmers because exporters have to pay the tax at the moment of taking goods onboard, so they deduct this sum from the price paid to producers. This reduces the farmers revenues, therefore reducing the incentive to produce, whose consequence is a diminution of agriculture production -- and therefore of exports."

Christiane Leong, Head, Export Support Service, Madagascar Ministry of Commerce, in the FTC e-Discussion

"The problem is not that of good policies but of putting the policies into action."

Emmarita Z. Mijares, Deputy Executive Director, Export Development Council, Philippines, in the FTC e-Discussion

Quality, risk, commitment: how exporters break the glass ceiling

"Developing countries need to build a 'quality culture' and to have better information on quality requirements. Individual organizations need to come forward and [provide] for cheaper costs of certification, as my organization is offering for organic products."

Elena Repetto, Colombia, in the ITC e-Dussion

"Before exporting, you have to produce, and produce well."

Nancy Abeid Arahamane, camel's milk entrepreneur from Mauritania, in the e-Discussion

"Market access and an export incentive package may help an enterprise in getting into the export market, but this cannot be sustained if the products fail to leave an impression on buyers and the entrepreneur's dealings are not business-like."

Abu Alam Chowdhury, Managing Director and CEO, Conexpo, handicrafts and giftware exporter, Bangladesh

"An element of risk-taking has to be there. Otherwise no matter how bright the idea is, it can never be tested and proved."

Dasho Tshewang Penjore, proprietor, Chaharu Tsongdrel, red rice exporter, Bhutan
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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