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ViewpointsWhy I'm proud to live in Cardiff.

It is clear that Mr Thompson 'Ten Reasons Why I Abhor Living Here', (November 23), has an axe to grind with many of the services and amenities that Cardiff offers.

Perhaps he would be more comfortable in a city that is more in tune with his ideas of what makes a great place to live.

It's clear he feels no love for Cardiff.

Yes, Cardiff Central bus station is in dire need of a facelift.

The youth/yob situation is rife across the UK and is not entirely specific to Cardiff. Is there enough being done? Clearly not.

Is that the fault of the city? Perhaps not.

Should we look towards Westminster for blame on that front?

In defence of the building-obsessed council, I for one think that any initiative to attract more people to the city is a good thing for traders and city alike.

Since the opening of the stadium millions of pounds in revenue have been generated and ploughed back into the city.

Personally, I consider the closure of roads on match days a small price to pay for putting Cardiff on the world map.

Unlike Mr Thompson, I love Cardiff.

We are a city of friendly, polite and helpful people (so proclaims my half- German girlfriend).

Yes there are flaws - show me a city that doesn't have them.

But regardless, I am proud to say I am from Cardiff and I am proud to live here.

It's a great sadness that Mr Thompson cannot say the same things.

John Chestney Colwinstone Street, Llandaff North, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 29, 2006
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