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ViewpointsSuppliers the only winners.

Wholesale gas prices have dropped by a quarter in the last few months, while electricity has fallen by a third.

I have pegged my gas prices until 2010. First of all I treated the letter as junk mail, until the 22 per cent rise frightened me.

Now British Gas says you can peg your gas prices for two years, with a guaranteed fall at some point.

So what about us who took out the first option?

Will our prices fall?

Everybody started to change supplier when deregulation began, I thought everybody was cutting one another's throats, so I refused to sign up; I had my gas from British Gas, my electricity from Swalec.

I did eventually swap, my bill went up, the winner being the one who sold it to me, getting his commission.

When you swap, you get bills from everywhere. It ended up that I didn't know who was supplying me what.

All suppliers are hiking prices, inflation is 2.5 per cent, we are naively supposed to believe, and gas prices rose 40 per cent. Everything is going up above inflation, except benefits.

I suppose I will have to phone up British Gas, wait in queue and listen to some delightful music and try to be persuaded to have my electric with them.

At least I have saved money from switching my phone supplier.

Richard Shurey Tylacelyn Road, Penygraig, RCT
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 4, 2006
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