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ViewpointsBiker gate also beats buggies.

I am writing in support of letters printed in Viewpoints by M Clements and W Coleman.

We have been using Fitzalan High in Cardiff as a short cut to PwIl Coch school since 1999.

As we are no longer permitted to use Fitzalan, we have to cut through Lansdowne Gardens and through a small turnstile gate leading to Sanatorium Fields and then onto the top of Lawrenny Ave.

The gate is small and apparently was put there to prevent bikers gaining access to the fields. However it also makes it very difficult to get pushchairs through and those with a double buggy have no chance.

They then need to go along Broad street, turn up Sudcroft Street and then all the way up Lawrenny Avenue, this is no fun in the winter months.

I don't drive and it is hard work trying to encourage children to walk the distance. If the headteacher does not rethink his decision to allow us to use his school as a short cut, something else needs to be done.

Maybe a local councillor such as Ramesh Patel could walk with a double buggy and a seven-year-old on a cold, rainy day and see if he can suggest some ideas for us parents as he travels the route we need to do four times a day!

Claire Chapman Brecon Street, Canton, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 29, 2006
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