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Viewpoints People say no to Tesco.

STOP the Tesco Express juggernaut at Pontyclun.

I am disturbed by the apparent reluctance of RCT's planing officials to release facts to their councillors and the general public, as witnessed at the special planning meeting held last Tuesday.

This has led to resentment and ill feeling towards Tesco, the only beneficiary of the proposals for the old cinema site. At the first public meeting held in the community hall, with 300-plus in attendance, by a show of hands 90 per cent stated that they shopped at the local Tesco Extra.

A hundred per cent voted that they did not want any sort of retail development on this site.

The majority wanted single-person flats and wished to retain the choice of shopping at the diverse facilities in the village.

Pontyclun has some 5,500 voters at elections, of whom 3,000 live closer to the Tesco Extra, or the Tesco Express in Creigiau, than this proposed Tesco.

When the first planning application was submitted by Tesco's agent, Beckerly Holding Ltd, of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, RCT received 3,750-plus votes against, with only three in favour.

Their second application states that RCT councillors and officials must not take into account democracy when deciding planning issues!

Is this why there are only four lines devoted to objections in the RCT second report, with no mention of the eight highways objections which were cited by RCT as the reasons to reject the first application?

I would respectfully suggest that Sir Terence Leahy, chief executive, who undoubtedly holds the purse strings, should live up to his word that Tesco do not go where they are not wanted and withdraw Tesco's interest.

Tony Lane

Independent Community Councillor
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 27, 2007
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