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Viewpoints I didn't serve Britain for the UK of today.

DO you think that the country that used to be ours is being destroyed? Is there any country with as many useless politicians who are inept, unconcerned of British values, moral and culture?

Everything Brits have died and suffered for is either kicked into the dust or given away to minority groups. I did not serve 12 years in HM Forces with pride to stand at the end of every queue and know less how to milk the system. Even the English language is not required for those in their first three months in the country.

How stupid is the system and its operators and yet we still pay these half-wit Cabinet ministers who would not hold down a post for six months in the real world. Prescott, it is accepted, cost the nation lots of money and yet there were repercussions for this oaf - he still lives in splendour. And now he is to take up a high profile post in Europe.

Look around. It is without doubt impossible to be a high-profile failure in this burnt-out country. It is only the voters who are the failures in this country. We get what we sanctioned.

Think how we cannot approach our troubles without being labelled "racist". What rubbish.

Cy Binning
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 10, 2007
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