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Viewpoints 'The Bible says' isn't answer to the argument.

I would like to respond to some of the letters which have appeared in Viewpoints since the Echo featured the story about my ordination as a gay priest.

People do not, in modern age, take the whole of Leviticus literally. It would be impossible in the 21st Century to do so, otherwise in condemning same sex couples they would also have to condemn cutting men's hair, eating meat with blood in it, eating rabbit or certain kinds of seafood, sexual intercourse during menstruation, cross breeding cattle, and wearing garments made out of more than one material.

If we are not happy to do all of the above, then why on earth should we not be happy being lesbian or gay?

It is obvious that St Paul thinks that lesbian and gay sex is unnatural. It is also obvious from reading other writings that he thinks that having women preach in church, or to be ministers is wrong, and that they will only be saved by childbirth.

If traditional churches wish us to follow St Paul's words about lesbians and gays then they will also have to condemn men with long hair, women ministers, and state that women will only get to Heaven if they have babies.

Parts of the Bible do seem to condemn us but, when compared with other, equally problematic and often sexist passages, it is clear that the phrase, 'the Bible says' is not a sufficient argument for anything.

If they are condemning then they are not, and cannot be, words from a God of Love who cares for all!

People say that you cannot be a priest and be gay, so why do we have the calling to do God's will?

Rev M Paris Grangetown, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 28, 2006
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