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Viewpoint: Private agendas.

Byline: J Jenkins

IF man-made global warming is a proven fact and the Greenland ice-cap is melting rapidly everywhere , how is it that several American fighter bomber planes which crash-landed in eastern Greenland in 1942 were buried 250 feet deep inside a glacier by 1988? The planes had also moved a mile towards the sea, proving that the glacier was growing and flowing towards Greenland's east coast, under its vast ever-increasing weight.

If the ice was melting contiuously, the planes would have remained on, or near, the surface.

The indisputable evidence was there for all to see on Channel 5's recent ,excellent, documentary "The Search for the Lost Fighter Bombers".

Inanimate objects do not tell lies .....unlike politicians and those with vested interests and private agendas ! L. J Jenkins, Cardigan
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 22, 2005
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