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View room added on in Tucson.

Perched on a bluff, a one-room addition changed the look of Margarita and Jorgen Hansen's house in Tucson. Designed by architect Les Wallach, the new family room area is basically in two parts an expansion of the dining area toward a new fireplace, and a carpeted, step-down seating area that accommodates a comfortable modular couch.

Where there had been limited views from the house, 7-foot-tall windows by the couch now provide an expansive outlook northeast to the Santa Catalina Mountains. Adjustable mini-blinds control incoming light, and 4-foot-wide roof overhangs help shield the windows from the desert sun. A new deck extends from the addition over the adjacent slope.

Tongue-and-groove white pine paneling on the roof soffits continues inside to form the family room ceiling; the platform around the couch is clear redwood. A skylit well near the back corner of the addition provides extra space for displaying plants.

The expanded dining room makes the adjoining open living room and kitchen seem less cramped.
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Date:Jan 1, 1984
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