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Vietnam hosts rubber conference.

Vietnam Rubber Association will host the 2nd Global Rubber Conference (GRC 2012) from November 29 to December 1 in Ho Chi Mirth City, Vietnam. Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry & Trade of Vietnam, GRC 2012 is expected to attract more than 500 delegates from natural and synthetic rubber (from upstream, midstream and downstream sectors) and their supporting industries representing about 25 countries.

This conference is also supported by the International Rubber Research Development Board and over 20 government agencies and associations globally.

Objectives of the 2nd Global Rubber Conference include bringing together both regulatory and commercial players in the rubber industry to provide updates on current trends and future challenges faced by the natural rubber industry; facilitating the exchange of ideas and insight into the global rubber industry and the price discovery of rubber; presenting benefits for business by matching potential and investment opportunities to the global NR producing and consuming countries; delivering the latest applications from global research and development programs through a well-designed sponsorship program and an exhibition; and providing an annual get-together for decision makers from global NR and SR industries that encourages networking and the exchange of perspectives.

John Baffes of The World Bank will present the keynote address on "World Bank report: Global economic prospects for major commodities for 2013."

A second keynote address, "Transforming a state-owned plantation enterprise into a global conglomerate: The Felda experience," will be presented by Sabri Ahmad of Felda Global Ventures Holdings, Malaysia.

Session 1 on Global Rubber Outlook: Supply, Demand and Price Movement for 2013 will include the following presentations: "Economic outlook, producer strategies and their impact on rubber prices," Hidde Smit, consultant, The Netherlands; "Global natural rubber outlook and its price forecast for 2013," Prachaya Jumpasut, The Rubber Economist, U.K.; and "Natural rubber price movements for 2013: The technical perspective," Dar Wong, Acute Precision and Studies Research, Singapore.

Session 2 on Technological Transformation in the Rubber Cultivation Sector will include the following presentations: "Application of precision agriculture to reduce rubber immaturity period and sustain higher yield," Chen Qiubo, Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries, China; "Technological transformation in the natural rubber upstream industry: The Indonesians' experience," Uhendi Haris, Indonesian Rubber Council, Indonesia; and "Enhanced cultivation standard practice in the Vietnam Rubber Group," Lai Van Lain, Rubber Research Institute of Vietnam.

Session 3 on Specialty Rubber Materials: New Directions and Strategies for Sustainable Demand of Natural Rubber will include the following presentations: "Specialty rubber materials for sustainability and advanced product applications: Commercial status and challenges," Zairossani Mohd, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia; "Deproteinized natural rubber as raw material for advanced product applications: Commercial directions, strategies and challenges," author to be announced; and "The development and application of new rubberized bitumen," Nopparat Vichitcholchai, Rubber Research Institute of Thailand.

The Natural Rubber Leaders Forum will include the presentation: "Significance of cultivation and processing transformation programs for natural rubber sustainability," Chert Qiubo, Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries.

Session 4 on Prospects of Vertical and Horizontal Markets Growth in Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing Sectors will include the following presentations: "The global industry outlook and opportunities," Ong Eng Long, Kossan Rubber Industries, Malaysia; "China's outlook and growth prospects beyond tire and non-tire sectors," Mary Xu, China Rubber Industries Association, China; and "Developing a sustainable automotive industry for natural rubber demand," author to be announced.

Session 5 on Carbon Market Application for the Global Rubber Industry will include the following presentations: "Key developments in global climate policy and emerging opportunities for the rubber industry," Paul Dargusch, International Energy Center Ltd., Australia; and "Developing a policy framework that enables the rubber industry to engage in global carbon markets," Paul Dargusch.

The Rubber Industries Catalyst Forum will include the following presentations: "Strategies for building a sustainable rubber product industries hub," Mary Xu, China Rubber Industries Association; and "Closing address," Tran Ngoc Thuan, Vietnam Rubber Association.

Further information on the 2nd Global Rubber Conference 2012 is available at
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