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VideoServer demonstrates first real-time, multipoint video, data and audio conference with Continuous Presence.

Inc., the leading vendor of H.320-based multipoint control units, today at ComNet demonstrated the first real-time, multipoint data, video and audio conference using the VideoServer Multimedia 440 conference server and Continuous Presence. By adding support for Continuous Presence to the Multimedia 440, VideoServer expands the power of multimedia conferencing by allowing participants to view and work on a document displayed on their monitors while they see and hear several other conference locations at the same time.

VideoServer's demonstration used several PCs equipped with Intel Corporation's ProShare (TM) Video System 200. During the demonstration, the conference participants were able to see several other conference sites at once, talk to each other, share images and annotate shared information with words and drawings.

"VideoServer's demonstration today at ComNet shows the power of combining two of our newest products--Continuous Presence and the Multimedia 440," said Jack O'Neil, VideoServer's vice president of marketing. "The ability to simultaneously see a document and the people you're negotiating with will be an important tool for businesses." Together, these products have many practical applications, including contract negotiation, real estate sales, design team work, remote sales meetings and education.

Recently introduced by VideoServer, Continuous Presence is a video processing unit and software that can be easily added to any member of the VideoServer Series 2000 family of Multimedia Conference Servers (MCSs). Without Continuous Presence, each conference participant can see only one other site at a time. The VideoServer Multimedia 440 conference server used in today's demonstration is the industry's first multipoint control unit to offer both H.320 audio-visual conferencing and T.120 data conferencing support. It lets conference participants view, annotate and change data, spreadsheets, text or graphics images during a videoconference.

About Multimedia Conference Servers

VideoServer's Multimedia Conference Servers let people participate in network conferences between multiple endpoints by mixing audio and switching video so people at each conference site can hear the complete discussion and see any of the other participants. VideoServer management software included with each Series 2000 model provides easy scheduling of multimedia conferences across multiple machines and comprehensive diagnostics to quickly identify and correct any problems. All VideoServer MCSs fully support the H.320 and T.120 protocols so users can reside on different types of networks.

About VideoServer

VideoServer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSVR) is the leading supplier of networking equipment and associated software used to create multimedia conferences that connect multiple users over wide area networks and allow them to interact as a group. The company's products provide multipoint conferencing, as well as applications for conference control, network management and bandwidth management. VideoServer sells its products to leading videoconferencing equipment suppliers, telephone carriers, conferencing service providers, computer companies and others.

VideoServer's products are used by the major long distance telephone carriers, including AT&T, MCI and Sprint, as well as six of the seven regional Bell operating companies. Major videoconferencing vendors who OEM or resell VideoServer's equipment include PictureTel, Compression Labs, British Telecom, GPT Video Systems, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Sony, Panasonic and SAT, which collectively account for approximately 75 percent of all videoconferencing systems sold. -0-

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CONTACT: Jack O'Neil


(617) 863-2300


Nancy Kashanek or Laura Kempke

Schwartz Communications

(617) 431-0770
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 1, 1996
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