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VideoServer Announces AudioGraphics Multimedia Conference Server; Breakthrough Technology Brings Audio-Data Conferencing over Telephone Lines to Up to 24 Desktop Conference Locations.

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1996--VideoServer Inc., the leading provider of multipoint technology for multimedia conferences, today announced the first standards-based multipoint control unit for real time, integrated audio and data conferences over analog telephone lines.

The AudioGraphics Multimedia Conference Server (AGMCS) allows participants from up to 24 different locations to work on PC-based documents, giving workgroup members unprecedented potential for collaboration. During an audiographics conference, each participant can discuss, edit, revise and save documents in real time.

AudioGraphics Multimedia Conference Server support for public switched telephone network (PSTN) connections marks the first time that multipoint, multimedia conferencing has been widely available on the desktop. Analog connections are available everywhere in the U.S. and Europe, are easy to install and service, and are inexpensive to use, making PSTN-based conferencing an attractive option for users in both corporate and home offices.

Audiographics conference participants require only two analog telephone lines; a telephone; a T.120 standards-based PC, workstation or appliance; and a modem. Audio only, data only and audio-data participants can either call into or be called by the MCS to be linked in an audiographics conference.

Workgroups are under ever-increasing pressure to produce design plans, contracts, proposals or other documents quickly and efficiently. In the past, workgroups with members in different locations would teleconference to draft or revise a document, wait while changes were made and distributed to group members, then hold additional conferences to discuss further revisions. Multipoint audiographics conferencing radically changes this process by allowing each conference participant to discuss modifications to a document in real time, see changes while they are being made, then save their own copy of the document in one session.

"VideoServer's AudioGraphics MCS support of audio and T.120 in a single conference server is an industry first, and brings multipoint, multimedia conferencing to the broadest range ever of business users," said Jack O'Neil, vice president of marketing at VideoServer. "With just a PC, a modem and a telephone, workgroup members can take advantage of the power of real time audiographics conferencing to increase collaboration and improve productivity."

"With the new MCS, business users can develop and refine a document with a single conference," said Tim Reedy, vice president of finance and marketing for networkMCI Conferencing. "As PSTN costs continue to drop, more workgroups will be able to take advantage of productivity enhancements from document conferencing."

The AudioGraphics Multimedia Conference Server fully supports the T.120 data communications standard. VideoServer's partnerships with multimedia conferencing vendors have allowed it to thoroughly test the AudioGraphics MCS for compatibility with leading T.120-based software packages, including Intel's ProShare(TM) Conferencing Video System 200 Release 2.0 and Databeam's FarSite.

Pricing and Availability

Beginning immediately, VideoServer will offer three AudioGraphics Multimedia Conference Servers. The Model 2006 AudioGraphics MCS supports up to 12 simultaneous audio-data endpoints; the Models 2012 and 2020 support up to 24 endpoints, with room in the Model 2020 for future capacity and feature expansion. Prices are based on hardware configuration and begin at $60,000.

About VideoServer

VideoServer Inc. (NASDAQ:VSVR) is the leading supplier of networking equipment and associated software used to create multimedia conferences that connect multiple users over wide area networks and allow them to interact as a group. The company's products provide multipoint conferencing, as well as applications for conference control, network management and bandwidth management. VideoServer sells its products to leading videoconferencing equipment suppliers, telephone carriers, conferencing service providers, computer companies and others.

CONTACT: Jack O'Neil

or Mary Campbell

VideoServer, Inc.

(617) 229-2000


Nancy Kashanek

or Laura Kempke

Schwartz Communications, Inc.

(617) 431-0770
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 20, 1996
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