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Video visitation convenient, efficient, secure.

In Hillsborough County, Fla., the corrections system is accommodating family visitations and attorney-client conferences with fewer guards, yet the facility continues to maintain a high level of security for its inmates. The improved logistics for visitations is achieved with a new videoconferencing system provided by Brinckmann and Associates, Inc., an Atlanta-based videoconferencing integrator and software developer.

With 48 conferencing rooms--half for inmates, half for visitors--along with stations for guard supervision and system management, the system uses IP-based multipoint technology to enable monitoring-automatic scan or selected booths--of all two-way conferences. Guards can also save snapshots of the conferences. Inmates no longer have to be moved from a secure area to a visitation area, reducing risk to security and the amount of time and number of guards required to conduct visitation.

The system also accommodates dial-in conferences, allowing lawyers to remain in their offices while conferring with clients at the facility. A combination of commercially available desktop videoconferencing equipment and the special management software were all that was necessary to implement the system.

Circle Number 267 for more information from Brinckmann and Associates
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