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Video viewing.

Two unique video programs from the Netherlands are now available to teachers in the United States. These programs were filmed by the Nederlandse Onderwijs Tevevisie and narrated in English. Although relatively expensive to rent and purchase, they are worth considering for curricular support. For more information contact The Agency for Instructional Technology, Box A, Bloomington, IN 47402 or call 1-800-475-4509 or 1-812-339-2203.

Vincent van Gogh

This series of three, thirty-minute videotapes completes a program of study. While specifically developed for ten to fourteen-year-old children, it can be applied to high school instruction. It dramatizes the life and work of van Gogh. The tapes bring this popular artist to life by featuring his actual paintings and simulations of his works in progress. While the series is biographic, it is designed to serve lessons in the visual arts. Students will observe van Gogh's style and technique through representative works from three periods: peasants in rural settings, Impressionist and Post Impressionist paintings, and the later Expressionist works. The production quality of the tapes is high, giving emphasis to the story of this tormented genius. A complete teacher's guide accompanies the program. The cost for this series is $150.00 per program or $350.00 for the set. It can also be rented.

If You Paint, You See More

This program of sixteen, twenty-minute tapes and a very extensive and useful teacher's guide, gently prods primary and intermediate students to look more deeply into the world around them. As viewers explore the beauty and "creepiness" of animals and ghostly forms, a character named Drawing Man asks young artists how they will use paint, pastel chalks or ink to portray what they see. Drawing Man also asks questions to inspire young writers to think creatively, making the series useful for language arts lessons.

Each of the programs explores a specific theme with extensive imagery featuring student creations amd tips on technique. The first eight programs of the series are targeted for primary students. Eight more programs help intermediate students "see more." A forty-four page guide accompanies the series, which offers specific suggestions for helping students with their work. The cost of this series is $125.00 per program tape, $1395.00 for the complete set or $55.00 per program for a week's rental.
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Author:Baker, David
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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