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Video review: the team approach.

TITLE: The Team Approach (Toastmasters International Quality-Centered Management Series)

PRODUCER: Kantola Productions


LENGTH: 24 minutes

PRICE: $89 from Kantola Productions

MEDIA: Available in VHS

SOURCES: Kantola Productions ( or 800.989.8273)

From time to time, everyone has to work on a team. Some of these experiences are enjoyable, worthwhile, and successful, while others are not. For those who want to understand and learn how to implement the principles of successful team interaction, the Toastmasters video The Team Approach offers helpful insight. It gives answers to questions like:

* What are the ingredients required for a successful team?

* How do group dynamics, leadership, and personalities play a part?

* What role does pre-planning play?

* How does a team set clear goals and objectives at the beginning?

* How can a team meet its objectives?

The Team Approach, which is part of Toastmasters International Quality-Centered Management Series, reveals that sometimes teams fail because they are thrown together as a result of timing issues, office politics, or other reasons that are not necessarily well thought out. Poor team leadership can be a stumbling block. Lack of planning and goal setting can also beset team success.

This video does a great job of presenting the necessary "ingredients" for good team building and showing how these ingredients should be mixed together to achieve the desired outcome. As with the other videos in this series, it comes with an effective and easy-to-follow study guide that parallels the video, pointing out areas for discussion or expansion of topics presented.

While the scenarios used in this 24-minute docudrama are not about the records and information management field per se, the lessons learned and the approach provided are applicable. The video is laid out in a logical manner using realistic actors in a modern setting. It is divided into five parts: 1) When and Why to Build a Team, 2) How to Assemble a Successful Team, 3) Managing Stages of Team Development, 4) Understanding High Performance Teams, and 5) Team Leadership.

Each of the sections presented in this video builds on the previous one, providing realistic role plays of what to do and what to avoid in each situation and stage of team development. The video follows two teams, a good one and a flawed example, through these stages. The video points out where errors were made and suggests possible solutions. At the end of each stage, there is an overview where the video can be paused to allow for discussion and feedback. The study guide contains possible exercises to be completed by a group and thinking points for individuals who are using the video on their own. The guidance that is provided on the video and through the study guide is valuable regardless of the size of the audience.

For a group or organization that has struggled or that has failed at using a team approach to solving problems or project management, this video is also a worthwhile investment of time and money. It would also be an excellent tool for training individuals who have not worked in a team environment before and need to get started on the right track from the beginning.

Heather Richmond, CRM, is Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CONDAR Consulting Inc. She may be contacted at
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Author:Richmond, Heather
Publication:Information Management Journal
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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