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Video of drunk Hertfordshire woman goes viral after car park 'limbo' attempt costs her a tooth.

This is the hilarious moment a drunk party goer attempts to do the 'limbo' underneath a car park barrier but falls back and looses her TOOTH.

Chanyce Chambers, 24, was out with her friends when she thought it would be a good idea to challenge herself by leaning back underneath a car park barrier.

The limbo game usually involves a long pole with two people holding either side of it.

The game player is then challenged to lean back and walk underneath the pole - each time the person goes completes a certain height, the pole is then lowered each time until the player can't bend back anymore.

But in this case, Chanyce, from Hertfordshire, appears to use a car park barrier as her limbo stick.

In the footage uploaded on her social media, you can see Chanyce pulling on the barrier as she goes underneath it as well as singing "limbo, limbo, limbo" along with her friend who is filming.

Whilst Chanyce is completing her limbo challenge, her friend can also be heard in the background shouting "don't break it."

Seconds after she shouted this, the barrier breaks off and smacks Chanyce in the face because it couldn't take the extra weight.

Appearing to be in shock, the 'dancer' holds her mouth and can be heard saying: "I've broke my f***ing tooth".

Finding the funny side, Chanyce then uploads a picture an hour later to her social media showing her smiling without her tooth.

She also wrote: "I have bruised on the inner parts of my knees to."

Facebook users were quick to comment, with Jessica Louise Callum writing on Facebook: "This is the best thing Iv seen. Chanyce Allcock why are u so hilarious?? I love you."

And Sophie Elizabeth Osborn also wrote: "I can't get over this...literally can't stop watching it."

Concerned Hayley Frame, wrote: "Hope you're ok? I feel awful for watching this 5 times and laughing hard."

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Publication:Berkhamsted Today
Date:Oct 8, 2018
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