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Video nasty; Sugar gives a vicious dressing down to candidates after YouTube channel disaster PICK OF THE DAY The Apprentice (9pm BBC1).

DON'T give up the day job. That's our advice to The Apprentice candidates when they try to turn themselves into comedians for this week's task.

Lord Sugar wants them to create YouTube video channels that will video channels that will Yviral. But considering that they're stars of one of the most popular shows on TV they haven't twigged that they stop being funny the second that they start trying to be.

They should have renamed themselves Team Cringe and Team Cover My Eyes for this episode.

go go One team goes for a cookery theme, the other for fitness, but after my moan last week that it was getting a bit too easy to spot the winner, this week you'll have no idea whose going to get the treat and who'll be dining in the Cafe Del Fail because both their efforts are equally woeful.

boardroom. Listen to the babble of The only thing likely to go viral is this week's blood-letting in the boardroom. Listen to the babble of desperate buzz-words coming out of one candidates' mouth as they fight for their survival and try and work out if they will ever add up to a sentence.

"Have you ever done a day's work"Have you ever done a day's work in your life?" Lord Sugar demands.


Director's |cut... but who will Alan axe?

The teams' efforts |this week to create a viral video hit on YouTube result in some of the year's most cringeworthy television

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Oct 29, 2014
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