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Video games are a disaster.

Byline: Keely Muscatell 20Below News Team / The Register-Guard

Note: If you are a male between the ages of 7 and 27 you should stop reading this immediately.

It is inundated with harsh language and disturbing realizations that quite possibly could be warped by the male mind to resemble the racket created when a set of freshly filed fingernails runs slowly down a chalkboard. If you choose to continue, remember, you were given fair warning.


There, I said it. To let the truth be told, I have risked potentially never being asked out on a date again.

Video games will someday be the downfall of our culture. They are a hindrance to progress, a blight on intellectual capacity and a slap in the face to those who have worked so hard to bring the human race to where it is today. And I hate them.

Let's look back to the good ol' days, before Playstation, Xbox and Game Cube - back to a time before "Tony Hawk Pro Skater," "Dynasty Warriors" and "Mario Cart." Imagine, if possible, a world where the male gender held some dignity.

Young boys would climb trees, catch bugs and play baseball in the street. They would come home after innumerable hours of riding bikes, swimming in the river and terrorizing their sisters. They had skinned knees, dirty faces and smiles. They were socially competent, physically fit and on a natural high from fresh air and warm summer sun. Imagine.

If you're like me, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such young men. Rather than the beautiful boys of old, we live among video game drones. They play them for hours on end - alone, with a friend, with hundreds of people on the Internet. They play war games, car games, sports games.

They sit in front of TV and computer screens, starved for fresh air, social interaction and exercise.

The ubiquitous video game plague does not discriminate based on age or maturity. From my 12-year-old younger brother to my boyfriend and his friends - whose ages extend beyond the teens - video games have tainted them all. Addictive video games have been stealing away the minds and money of our cherished young men.

Oh, there are those unfortunate young women out there who have fallen into the trap as well. However, I must say that I know not one boy who does not play video games on a regular basis or who would pass up the opportunity to if it were offered. My female gaming friends are few and far between.

I must admit, I've tried them, once or twice. You can call it curiosity or you can call it stupidity. But I've played them in an attempt to "get in touch with my masculine side" and to understand where the boys are coming from: "Halo," "NCAA March Madness 2003' and "Grand Theft Auto."

I was not impressed.

They stimulated little to no brain activity and left me throwing the controller across the room. I felt like I needed to go run 10 miles to make up for the half hour I'd wasted sitting on the couch and yelling at inanimate objects.

If there are any males who are still reading, there remains an opportunity to redeem yourselves. For the sake of yourself and your gender, please, I beg you: Put down the controller!

Keely Muscatell is a senior at Sheldon High. She can be reached at 20Below@guardnet .com.
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Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Apr 21, 2003
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