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Video Shows Cabin Of Allegiant Air Flight Filled With Smoke.

Passengers on an Allegiant Air flight were forced to exit onto the tarmac at the Fresno Yosemite Airport in Fresno, California, on Monday after the cabin of their plane filled up with smoke.

The entire incident was caught on video by one of the passengers, Estevan Moreno, and was later posted on a social networking site.

Flight AAY514, from Las Vegas to Fresno landed shortly after noon on Monday and ran into problems while taxiing towards the gate, with gray smoke filling the cabin as it stopped abruptly.

"We were taxing [sic] back toward the gate when suddenly we came to a hard stop like they hit the brakes. And then, shortly after that, you started seeing the smoke started filling the cabin," Moreno told NPR ( affiliate Valley Public Radio (VPR).

In the video, the passengers are seen covering their noses and waiting for instructions from the pilot. Later, they are seen exiting the plane from the exit at the rear end.

The flight crew also said wet napkins would be given out to help passengers cover their mouths, Moreno said, but that didn't happen, reported ( ABC News . "We used our shirts to mask our faces from the smoke," Moreno said. "I was coughing pretty good from it."

However, he stated that most passengers found the situation humorous rather than alarming. Firefighters were called to the aircraft and began their inspection following which the crew members asked passengers to collect their carry-on items and exit the plane down a set of rear stairs, he said. They safely exited the plane outside the terminal, VPR stated.

The ABC report also said Allegiant Air blamed the situation on a mechanical problem and said an abundance of caution was what prompted them to make the passengers exit the plane before it reached the gate.

Moreno also said the airline sent him a voucher for $50 for another flight.

Officials of the Federal Aviation Administration called the situation an emergency and reiterated that the passengers were escorted to the terminal.

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Date:Sep 26, 2017
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