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Video Age offers online marketing and sales services.

Video Age has introduced a new marketing forum for the international television industry: a dynamic online service on a Web site. The Video Age Web site, located at www., is open to all visitors; no subscription is necessary to access its articles. The site also allows anyone to contact Video Age through its email service box. (To contact Video Age without accessing the site, email

Video Age will now effectively serve the new marketing needs of all entertainment companies with a tool that offers almost instantaneous promotion updates. Company promotional material that appears on Video Age's Web site can be linked electronically (hyperlinked) with the company's own URL (Universal Resource Locator, or Web site). Video Age can also link the ads to a special Web page for the advertiser and then link that page to the advertiser's URL. Visitors can be directed to the client's Web site by an icon or simply by the words, "Click here to visit our site."

To ensure that visitors find their way to promotion information and product updates, Video Age is listing Video Age Online on more than 250 of the world's most popular search engines (Internet resources that help people find information) and electronic directories. These research tools will allow cross-referencing and will increase both the visibility of Video Age's Web site and the number of visits (hits) to the site.

Online ad space on the Video Age Web site can be purchased in monthly increments (with a one-month minimum). At renewal time, advertisers can change their ad and/or move it to another space if one is available. A counter on the Video Age Web site indicates the total number of hits on the home page per month and per day, enabling advertisers to monitor their reach and billings regularly.

Video Age has two key pages for ad placement: the index page (home page) and the main page. These pages are the first pages to appear onscreen and usually first to appear in an Internet search; ad space in these most sought-after locations is thus the most expensive. Less expensive ad space is available on article pages.

On both main pages, the ad spaces are located at the top and bottom of the screen. These onscreen spaces can house a static banner (SB) ad or an animated banner (AB) ad. Both SB and AB ads can be either square or rectangular.

Advertisers can provide the artwork and/or logo, either by submitting the file electronically or via an existing graphic on the Web that Video Age's online team can grab.

The static rectangular banner (SBR) can have a width of up to 400 pixels (the smallest element on a screen) and a height of up to 40 pixels and use up to 8K of memory. The rate for each SBR ad is based on the number of hits per month; there is a $25 charge for transferring an imported ad onto the site. The rates for the two key pages increase by 50 percent for the top spot and 30 percent for the bottom.

The static square banner (SBS) can be up to 100 pixels wide by 66 pixels high and use up to 8K of memory. The rate for each SBS, like that of the other ads, is based on the number of hits per month. There is also a $25 charge for posting an imported ad.

The animated rectangular banner (ABR) can be up to 400 pixels wide by 40 pixels high and utilize up to 22K of memory. The rate for each ABR ad is higher than that of any other ad; there is also a $50 fee for posting an imported ad.

The animated square banner (ABS) can be up to 100 pixels wide by 40 pixels high and use up to 11K of memory. The rate for each ABS also includes a fee of $50 for posting an imported ad.

Animation for animated banners should List no longer than seven seconds. The animation can either run one time or loop an unlimited number of times (with a two-second pause between loops).

If an advertiser wants the Video Age Online team to build its banner, the costs are as follows: SBS ads are $30 and SBR ads are $50; this is in addition to the cost of posting. The cost for an ABS ad starts at $80 the cost for an ABR ad starts at $100. The client must provide the graphic artist with clear instructions, and clients are required to pay for each banner that is built even if it is not used.

Most ads can be posted on the Video Age site within a few hours. However, in the event that any graphic manipulation is required, one must allow more time before the ad is posted -- usually two to seven business days for an SBR or an SBS and up to 10 business days for an ABR or an ABS.
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Date:Jan 1, 1998
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