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Video Age award for best TV in Canada to City-TV.

One can really put the international TV industry on the spot. Just ask which Canada's best TV station is!

But not only the professional becomes angst. A viewer in Montreal became totally erratic in her quest to come up with an answer (she couldn't). To another Canadian viewer, the question "...which is Canada's best TV station?" was too insignificant to be answered. Sid Adilman, an entertainment columnist for the Toronto Star, was "not able to answer the question."

Veteran distributor Ken Page gave the windiest answer, but he ended up with three preferences: City-TV for innovation, CBC for Canadian programming, and Global for commercial television.

Back in Canada, out of 16 local distributors surveyed, only Multimedia's Michael Zgarka and Filmoption's Maryse Rouillard would venture an opinion.

"It's foolish for me to pick a favorite in my home market," was the response of one Canadian distributor. However, some of the folks at Canadian Airlines, Canada's Mission at the U.N., and at the Canadian Steamship Co. opted for CBC, while Canadian TV critics preferences vary from CBC to City-TV.

A reporter from the Vancouver Sun even cited America's Fox as the best TV in Canada. Also, SRC-Societe' Radio Canada is mentioned as Canada's best French-language TV station.

Canadians who work for American distribution companies with Canadian offices tend to prefer City-TV and Global. City-TV is counted as top preference, though, since it is often the first one mentioned.

City-TV is also the favorite of Edmonton Journal's Bob Remington ("the most revolutionary"), as well as CBC because of "Canadian programming."

The conclusion, therefore, even if not very clear-cut, is that Canada's best TV station could be City-TV. The station is also appreciated for its metheoretic raise in popularity and innovativeness. However, it is clear that CBC and Global are closely trailing second.
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Publication:Video Age International
Date:Jun 1, 1992
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